6 Week Honour Your Health Challenge – Weak Too

Well, I finished the first week of the health challenge and I lost two pounds. I got a big star beside my Mary Goround name on the big chart on the wall at work. I got a big star because I did something everyday towards my goal. I kept a straight food journal. I also kept pretty close to my diet; I walked on purpose, not just incidental walking and I supported a bunch of others towards their goal, too.

ImageNorm, who is my witness and working with me, gained two pounds. Whaaaa? Did I breathe them out and he breathed them in? Maybe it’s the cheesies. Norm loves Old Dutch Extreme Cheddar Cheesies. And I’ll admit it. Last night I ate the last of a bag of Old Dutch Extreme Cheddar Cheesies that was on top of the fridge in the goodie basket. Since I had lost weight I felt I deserved a treat in the evening and I had it. But then I realized that there shouldn’t be many bad goodies in the house, let alone  on top of the fridge. I figured the top of the fridge was a good place for me because it’s getting harder and harder for me to reach the top of the fridge. But I realized last night as I was getting the cheesies, that the basket has handles. Sigh, I am my own worse enemy.

Yes, I have bad goodies; good goodies; and just plain goodies, in the house. Plain goodies are things like peanuts and  chicharróns (pork rinds, which have no carbs). Good goodies are fruit, veggies and cheese. Bad goodies are…you al know bad goodies are – EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!!

OK, I can breathe now and I’m on track to be strong this week, too. It’s great to see everyone work towards their goals like: giving up pop; walking 20 minutes a day; working out; giving up pastries; abstaining from alcohol for not just the 6 weeks but ever etc. We have some amazing people where I work, students, staff and community members, too. Our health is important and we want everyone to be healthy, too. It’s a good thing and for me, an honour to be part of this. I also will weed out the bad/goodie basket. That will be one of the stars for me this week. I’m a star and deserve more. One will be for helping Norm. We are going to help each other.

Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane


~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on April 16, 2014.

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