6 Week Honour Your Health Challenge – Weak One

Tuesday was the launch of the 6 Week “Honour Your Health Challenge” at my workplace. Students, teachers, support and administration staff are involved. We all set one or more achievable goals that we will work towards over the next 6 weeks. We had to give ourselves an alias and a plan to reach our goal. Wow, this fits right in with my need to lose weight. So, as Mary Goround, I have planned to lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks. I can do it and will: journal my eating; walk regularly; cut out the bad white-related carbs (again); and mark my progress on the chart posted in the main hall of our workplace. Sigh. I can do this. Wednesday was wonderful and I stuck to the plan. Then…

Cookie loverARRGH! I ate a cookie! Two delightful young girls from the Tribal School came over with a rolling bake sale cart. Cookies, rice-crispy squares, cupcakes and brownies. I only had $1 in quarters in my desk so bought a peanut butter cookie and a crispy, caramelized oatmeal cookie with chocolate chips.They were for Norm and I tucked them in my tote for home.

I ate one!

I had done so well all day and had even consumed my first litre of water (I can’t count all the coffee I drink). Fruit salad with passionfruit and lime Greek yogurt; homemade turkey soup; and a Babybel for snack. I even had avoided the fry bread that was being offered in the kitchen. And it was some of the best fry bread I’d ever tasted. Then…the attack of the caramelized oatmeal cookie with chocolate chips.

I started with a nibble and the crispyness was buttery and flavourful. MMMmmmm. I quickly left my office to avid the rest of it but it didn’t help. I was drawn back to my office after the afternoon break and scarfed the rest of the wonderful cookie. Then the guilt set in. It was like I had blown the entire 6 week pledge. SIGH!

What to do? Well I remembered that I could be 80/20 not a 100% failure. I could acknowledge the slip and continue with my diet and plan without believing that I could just keep eating crave morsels because I had already gone off my diet – NO! I was continuing my diet and so…I went and drank the next litre of water and felt full – of water not guilt!

I will do this.  Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane


~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on April 11, 2014.

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