Slyet and Shemomedjamo – New Words For Dieters

accidentally ate the whole thing

I found Shemomedjamo on Facebook. A friend posted it and this is something that happens to me all the time. OK, not as often as it used to but still once in a while. I bet you’ve done it, too. It might have been that last bit of pie you were only going to have a sliver of or, more frequently for me, the whole bag of chips. Sigh. I like that there are words in some languages for every situation we face. I can even pronounce it now. I don’t know if I’m saying it correctly or not but how can you not like a food-related word that ends on “djamo”?south-beach-diet-cartoon

Sometimes we have to just invent words to cover the meaning likehangry” and “alcholrexic”. I thought of one about a week ago as I was trying to justify a certain food (a toasted pretzel bagel with mustard butter) into my “No White Food Diet“. I was slyeting. Yes, slyly slipping something into my diet. I could create a whole “Slyet” for our times. It was brown and yellow.

Diane’s Slyet – One Day Meal Plan
(Based on a low carbohydrate, no white food diet)

coffee with spiced rum – NC (no carbs)
2 egg omelette – with bacon, mushrooms, and cheese – NC
4 oz Orange juice – vodka optional

16 oz Fat Flush Water
1/2 cup raspberries
1/2 cup 11% fat Greek yoghurt – NC
(mix them together and the white goes away)

8 oz water w/ 2 oz Irish whiskey – NC
4 oz grilled lamb burger – NC
2 slices bacon – NC
2 oz goat cheese – NC
1/4 cup mushrooms – NC
2 lettuce leaves
1 thin slice tomato – optional

Tea w/1 oz spiced rye whiskey (optional, you do have to work)
high fibre crackers (subtract amount of fibre from carbs)
5 slices salami – NC
2 oz cream cheese – NC

1 glass (size optional) dry red wine (it’s not white)
1/2 BBQ chicken – NC
1 baked sweet potato w/ butter (It’s orange!)
1 cup baked beans (not white and they are beans)
1 slice of flourless hazelnut/chocolate cake

Wow! That Slyet actually looks really good but I bet it would give me a heart attack right before I passed out from all the alcohol. Hmm… I might have something here.  There are a few things on it that I loved about the Atkin’s Diet – all the fat. On Atkin’s, it’s all about no carbs, so you/I can have sour cream, butter, bacon, cheese, cream cheese and all the salami you want. But the “No White Food Diet” doesn’t allow those as much. I like the Slyet as long as no one counts the caloric intake!!!!!

Well, I’m going to forage in the fridge and set myself up for shemamodjamoing the bacon I’ll cook for Norm’s breakfast. Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on March 15, 2014.

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