Souper Saturday Satisfaction

SoupIt’s a usual almost-spring Saturday complete with rain, wind and damp. What to have for lunch that won’t add 2000 calories and a pile of carbohydrates? Soup! I love soup. Well, actually, most soups. And because of my love of saving money and not wasting anything, I made my version of “Stone Soup” also known as “freezer soup” “leftovers soup” and “third world soup”. I save up leftovers from our meals – that last bit of gravy, the last few green beans, the juice from the corn and all the celery leaves and, of course, the last little bits of meatballs, chicken, sausages and beef that wouldn’t have made delightful sandwiches for Norm. I would have eaten these little bits if I did not have this strategy. I save the stuff in plastic containers in the freezer. And when the container is full, I make soup.

It usually makes enough for four servings and for two people that’s more than enough to fill us up on an inactive Saturday. And it definitely warms your innards. I used the chicken-base one today but I also have a red-meat-base container and a tomato-base container. And each time I make a soup, it is unique. The soup today had quite a few noodles of different size so I had to balance them out with a bit more chicken stock but it needed some kind of spice/flavouring. So, in went the bay leaves, some fresh thyme, and (duh duh duh) some peri-peri sauce from Nando’s. Heated all together it was fantastic, and I mean was. It lasted 15 minutes.

Me making soup. It is powerful!

Me making soup.
It is powerful!

Soup is good for a lunch when I’m home especially if it’s my alternative to leftover pizza or grilled cheese sandwiches. Why? I believe I have already counted the calories/carbs of these morsels when I made the original meal. That means that the leftovers have no calories or carbs and I an only accountable for any new additions. I do keep an eye on the sodium, though. Salt and broth or soup base have lots of salt. And we know we have to watch the sodium intake because sodium helps us retain water and water that stays in our bodies and weighs heavily on the scale and our hearts.

Right now, my hunger is satisfied and I feel righteous about a home-cooked lunch that cost nothing. Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on March 8, 2014.

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