The Shopping List – Fact or Fantasy

shopping while fullToday is my day off and it also happens to be the day the grocery store flyers come out. So this is the perfect time to make out my shopping list. We (in theory, but usually it’s me) keep a running list on the side of the fridge along with a pen so that when we see that something ran out we can replace it. And when Norm tells me we need something, I politely ask him to write it down so I or he can get it ASAP. And I try to follow the rule about writing the list or shopping AFTER I’ve eaten or all kinds of things make their way on to the list and into the cart.

I like to save money and get good food at good prices. I compare what stores have on sale and, because I’m also trying to save $ on gas, I will shop at two to three stores in a nice Westshore loop. I’m watching carbs and calories so I need lots of protein, veggies and fruit. I have the freezer in my fridge and an upright freezer in the basement. I have a small pantry cupboard in the kitchen and wonderful “pantry” shelves beside the downstairs freezer so I can buy things on sale and store them for when I need them. Sounds very efficient, right? But, for example, when I went downstairs to bring up juice I found a bag of chocolate chip cookies that I don’t remember buying and I knew there were no cookies in the cookie tin so… I brought the tempting morsels into the living area of the house. Sigh, I try to only buy cookies I DON’T like and there aren’t many made – maple creams and ice wafers are a couple. Norm does cookies and Leanne goes right to the cookie tin when she visits. They’ll eat almost any cookies as long as they aren’t too stale. I try to stay away.low carb water

So, what goes on the list? Fresh fruit and veggies for sure, meat that is on sale. If it’s a case lot sale on goes the case of Cream of Mushroom soup (I cook with it) and the case of baby beets. I love beets, they are so good for us and I’m willing to buy canned beets instead of fresh for the cost and convenience. But sometimes my shelves become the hiding place for snacks I’ve stocked up on for an occasion but didn’t use. Tortilla chips are usually there and crackers. And let’s be real, crackers are a great substitute for chips when the crave morsel turns into a Crave Monster. But, as I look over my hoard, I see there aren’t many bad things. Pasta. There does seem to be a lot of different pastas but they are all the “healthy” type with fibre and omegas, so those are OK, right?Lone ranger chicken

The other thing that shows up on my shopping list is my awareness of “healthy” food, organics and Fair Trade. BUT, and it’s the big “but” not my big butt. I am basically the girl my Mom raised and I’m cheap. Eggs. I want to buy farm fresh, open range, organic eggs but I refuse to pay $5 a doz. I usually (with much guilt) buy the eggs on sale. $2.49 a doz. for large eggs is a deal. I even bought the ones in the styrofoam carton the other day. Huge guilt!!!! But then I thought, Hmmmm, I can recycle the carton to the farm next door that donates eggs to our school. It makes the guilt less but I know the poor hens that made these eggs were stuffed into tiny cages then fed and watered so that they produced as many eggs as chickenly possible. They never see daylight or eat bugs. Bugs are an essential protein for open range chickens. These are just one example of the real truth and how my budget works and why I can afford cookies to appear on my pantry shelves in the basement.

Enough on my grocery sins. I am pretty honest on my grocery list and I don’t hide the contents of my grocery cart. I might tell a story of why or for who I bought certain things but… They’re good reasons and I pay for them – with my grocery money and on the doctor’s scale. My cart actually looks healthier and so does my grocery list. Thanks for listening.   ;D  Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on March 6, 2014.

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