Fat Friday and On Into the Weekend

Healthy alternativeFriday night was an intentional “fat” night. Friday nights are usually the “bring home take-out food” night so sometimes it’s healthy but usually not. So, I consider Fridays the “fat” day. It just means off the regular diet/meal plan.

The day started very well with the one scrambled egg with a bit of cheese for breakfast; the apple for snack; and salad with a bit of tandoori chicken for lunch. But that’s where it started to go south or sideways or to hell (you pick your favourite metaphor).

The Boss came in with the offer of all the pizza we could eat. It seems they had lots left over from a lunch meeting. Sigh, I love pizza and there was even some all meat…Yes, I gave in had a slice (or two).

Then in Foods and Nutrition we made omelettes. Mmmm, they had ham, onions, mushrooms, peppers and cheese. How do you not “taste” something like that. I gave the one I made to the amazing lady who is our administrative assistant (another title for woman of all trades).

Just a little bit of guilt!

Just a little bit of guilt!

It kept going because I had made reservations at the Fireside Grill for dinner as it was “Dine Around Victoria” and they had a $20 menu that looked spectacular. It was. A nice lobster bisque, followed by rockfish (an uppity word for cod but I like cod) en papillote, accompanied by a lovely unpretentious Malbec (I wasn’t). The menu even included dessert, so I got the tonka and vanilla bean brulee. It didn’t even look like toy trucks (ha ha). Sigh, it was glorious and I felt decadent and so guilty for eating so far from my diet plan. So, onward into the full weekend with a few glasses of sipping wine at home and a handful of Bugles around 10 pm (and I almost never eat that late at night). How the heck did Bugles get into my house?

dipIt continued into Saturday morning with a toasted, bacon and tomato sandwich for breakfast. (I actually typed “sadwich” and if that isn’t a Freudian slip I don’t know what is). Then off to do my errands. I had been expecting to do some mall-walking and count the extra steps as exercise but my knee was hurting and I’d left my cane in the car (on purpose?). Lunch was another fistful of Bugles but this time with Heluva Good Dip. Supper was Norm’s choice and I offered him the choice between BBQ’s burgers on foccacia buns with mushrooms or BBQ’s ribs and crinkle fries. I couldn’t lose and Norm chose the ribs. My guilt was building and I only drank water after 7 pm and it was Fat Flush Water. (Time to change the fruit!)

Sunday morning and I’m feeling great. I had a wonderful sleep and I’m not that hungry (yet). Norm gets the last of the bacon (damn you, Red Barn for the best double-smoked pork belly I’ve ever had the joy to eat) in his bacon and egg sandwich. I get the lemon Greek yogurt with raspberries on top. Actually it was glorious and very satisfying. I think my weekend binge is over and we’ll have homemade soup for lunch and chicken stir fry for supper. I can salvage my self-esteem.

I did a lot of housework this morning. The tub is gleaming and so is the back of the shower door. Who says old back brushes aren’t good for something? The broom (and miscellaneous) cupboard is straightened out. I even discovered we have 27 light bulbs; ranging in size from tiny nightlight to large incandescent, industrial (what the heck?), and two plungers. Hmmm….

The oven is cleaning itself so the house smells like ancient, slightly burnt, roasted shoes. That, in itself, is a wonderful appetite suppressant. So, I’ll finish this post and feel some of my weekend guilt go away and since I actually went back onto my plan last night, I’ll be sticking to it for a minimum of two weeks. Then I get a road trip!!!!

Thanks for listening!   ;D  Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on March 2, 2014.

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