I Lost Weight On Prime Rib Roast and Fat Flush Water!

I’m sitting here at my computer after dinner drinking my Fat Flush Water and reflecting on my doctor visit today. I used to see my doctor every 2 weeks and I’ve gone to every 3 weeks now. She is an amazing doctor and takes very good care of me and my whole family.

feel fatShe came into the examining room, looked at me and said, “You’ve lost weight.” I told her that I didn’t feel like I had but some people had been telling me the same thing for the last few days. She said, “Really, your face and neck look thinner.” Then she looked at my chart and told me I had lost a pound. I was flabbergasted because of what I’d been eating lately. Sunday night I made a prime rib roast with demi-glace, garlic smashed potatoes, olive oil and balsamic roasted asparagus, mango spinach goat cheese salad with pineapple curry dressing and topped it all off with a slim slice of tuxedo cake (but I took the rest of the cake to work and it was demolished).

Dr. Fretz weighs me, takes my blood pressure and asks me how I’m feeling. Not the regular, “How are you?” But a true inquisitive, interested, “How are you really feeling, Diane?” I think she’s worried about the depression that comes with chronic pain. And I have chronic pain. So, I told her I was scared witless driving to my appointment in 15 cm ( 6 1/2 inchs approximately, for those with the imperial system of measurement) of slushy snow and that I am feeling a little down because of my shoulder and knee and I can see no end, yet. She doesn’t pass it off with a, “Oh, well, that’s to be expected at your age and with your conditions.” She cares. I told her it’s little “d” not big “D” depression and I can get over it with a handful of Cheezies and a glass of whine/wine. She laughed and said at least I have my wit and grace. I laughed, too. Wine diet

I’m still having a hard time believing I lost weight over the last 3 weeks. I did make Fat Flush Water but have only been drinking it for two days. I have been avoiding the bread-like category (my yorkshire puddings were like hockey pucks). But…I don’t seem to be hungry and that usually means I’ve been giving in to the crave morsels and foraging through the fridge and cupboards.

Or.. could it mean I’ve hit a new phase of my weight loss saga? Not being eternally hungry? I can’t even imagine it but I’ll try. Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane

PS: I really don’t drink that much wine but if you ask Norm I do indulge in whine!   ;D

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on February 25, 2014.

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