I Guess It Has To Be Exercise or… The Flex Ab Belt

There’s a new thing to build your abs into sculpted things of beauty. It’s called The Flex Ab Belt. I mean it must work if Denise Richards uses it when she cleans her house. I have a very hard time believing it works. Why? Do YOU believe that Denise Richards does her own house work? Hell no!!!!Cellulite run

So I guess this means we still have to exercise. Ok, I get it. There is no magic pill to make you fit. You can lose weight but this won’t make you fit. You will probably be floppy like my upper arms since I can’t exercise them properly since the severe osteoarthritis in my shoulders has made them so painful. When I was using the walker to get around before my hips were fixed, I had amazing upper arms and great upper body strength with all the weight-bearing activity my arms were doing, now I’ve lost more weight but my arms are floppy. Actually they are flappy!

I’m still doing the pedometer plan. I put it on when I get up, move it to whichever clothes I’m wearing for the day, and take it off when I go to bed. I need the aerobic exercise of climbing stairs (at home and at work), and walking. Grocery shopping is now considered “going for a walk”. I need this exercise, any exercise. I was just getting into truly liking the walking poles when t started hurting just to do one lap around the soccer field. Yep, it’s my shoulders that won’t let me move my arms in a decent aerobic way. Sigh.

start exerciseSo, maybe I need one of those full body stimulators they use on paraplegics? I wonder if it would work? maybe I just need to shake my body a lot. Dancersize. I love dancercise. It does look silly but if I’m doing it at home it works for me. Not much help for the arms but I’ll wait. I got the new hips, I can wait for shoulders. But my heart can’t wait for exercise. I’ll be doing what I can. I’ve got some nice pain meds and a couple of pairs of decent running shoes (I like calling them running shoes and not trainers, this way I can pretend I’ll run some day!). So this is a self-pep talk and if it helps anyone else – BONUS! The Flex Ab Belt before and after pictures didn’t really spur me on (in some I couldn’t see much difference). I’ll never be Denise Richards and I’d only marry Charlie Sheen if he paid me (and my husband) a lot of money before the wedding.

Thanks for listening.  ;D Diane

Times Colonist  27 Nov. 2013

Times Colonist
27 Nov. 2013

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