Walking in Sunshine, Slipping in the Shadows

I have a book I bought for Norm (me) that is called Walk Victoria. It’s a guide to more than 60 walks in and around Victoria. It even classifies them from easy to difficult and by time and distance. Well, Norm’s been biking since Christmas when our nephew Sean gave him a helmet, (Thanks so much, Sean.) so he was working on whittling down his beer belly.

I’ve been going for short walks but they’ve all been in the subdivision we call home and I was bored with the collapsed Christmas blow-up Santas and snowmen (we never have enough snow to keep snowmen and women through the holidays. Sorry Easterners.). I told Norm we were going for a walk. I had to take the car to get to the park I wanted to walk in and right off the bat Norm said, “Oh, let’s go on the Galloping Goose. It’s flat enough for you.”

We have this amazing trail that goes from Sooke to Sidney and almost everywhere in between. And it’s for pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders, roller bladers, strollers etc. He had been riding on this since Christmas in all different areas. I sighed and said, “Just bear with me.” and pulled into the parking lot of Cuthbert Holmes Park. I had never heard of it and I’ve lived in Victoria for more than 42 years. But there it was, a nice little park right off the Trans Canada Highway and behind Tillicum Mall. It actually is part of the Colquitz Creek estuary (and I love estuaries).

Heron Bridge at  Colquitz Creek

Heron Bridge at
Colquitz Creek

It was a bright, sunny but chilly morning, about 3C (36F) and everything was covered with a heavy frost. I always use either a cane or my walking poles. They make me feel more stable when I walk and I’m terrified of falling. So, I was using my cane with the butterflies on it. I also put on my new gloves with the bones on them. I’m glad I did. It was cold in the shade. It was so cold in the shade that the frost covered the trail and, this being a flat estuary path, it also covered the trail with black ice. Yep, ice. So, in fear of my joints and having to skate, I walked on the grass beside the trail. Not bad. It crunched with all the frost and was pretty hard because it was frozen, but way safer. We walked on.

It’s a delightful walk and took us about 45 minutes. Norm kept asking me if I was OK. I’d sniff and say “I’m fine. Isn’t this beautiful?” And it was. Trees, shrubs, the creek, paths and trails. I was getting muscle and aerobic exercise. There were lots of people walking their dogs on the path and the path had cleared where the sun hit it and there was lots of sun. So I figure it was about two or so kilometres and good for me. I’ll look up more “easy” walks and when the neighbourhood pales I’ll wander off into the Greater Victoria. I do have to be aware of my fear of falling and how far my sad knee will let me walk. I have some good meds right now and the shorter walks (like the malls in the post Christmas sales) seem to be good for me. And when it’s sunny out like yesterday, I’ll be off, maybe I’ll even let Norm take me walking on the “Goose”.

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane and here is a picture of my gloves. They even glow in the dark. And, by the way, I’m not dieting to the “bony” stage. Skeleton gloves

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on January 5, 2014.

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