The Boxing Day Sighs (SIZE?)

ImageChristmas is over for another year and we all survived and, if I may say, we actually thrived! I always feel huge the day after Christmas. We had so much food and I actually forgot to put the crescent rolls in the oven. I felt bad but only Shauna missed them.
Today it’s nice to sit down and not have anything that has to done in a hurry. The Christmas cooking pots are all clean and put away. All the leftovers have been divvied up and sent off with the appropriate children. All our new clothes have been tried on and look pretty spectacular (we even took all the tags off). The wrapping paper and gift bags have disappeared after being checked for stray gift cards. One got slightly singed one year! 

I only have two things left to do today; finish making the turkey soup and taking my walk. I think I’ll take the walk tonight when I can see all the Christmas lights in our neighbourhood. And I can wear my new, glow-in-the-dark gloves with the skeleton hands on them!!! The turkey soup is a tradition every time I make a turkey. I start it even before the turkey is in the oven. Mmmm… It is quite wonderful. Once upon a time, one of Shauna’s friends had some of my soup and asked for the recipe for her Mom.The way I make it, it took two pages of binder paper to write it out. I wouldn’t make it if someone gave me a recipe like that either. But I will make it and then, once again, divvy it up and freeze it and pass it on.


It’s common knowledge that most people put aside their diets during holidays so that they can partake of all aspects of those holidays. For example. We got 4 boxes of chocolates. How can I insult anyone without tasting al least one morsel from every box? The cheese balls, smoked salmon with crackers, but…I’m doing it again…focusing on the food when I need to savour the love and laughter we share at this time. Sigh. It is truly wonderful.
So, I won’t count my calories but my hugs and laughs. We are truly blessed and there is still more to come with a friends’ brunch and New Year Eve and day. Sigh!
Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on December 26, 2013.

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