Sometimes Crap Happens

It’s been a rocket roller coaster of stuff this past few weeks. And no matter how positive I want to be I keep drifting into the dark zone. Every morning, when I get up, I count my blessings and I know I do not have enough fingers to count even half of them. Then, every night I give thanks. I believed this would keep me happy, healthy and wise. Pooh! POOH! I say.Free

I have friends who are the most wonderfully positive, giving, and empathic people you could ever know and they have had serious health problems and the emotional toll is hitting everyone. I know it could be worse but that’s not the point. What can you say when someone tells you they have cancer? I’ve had friends share this, not once but twice this month. And It’s not about me. It’s about them. They are strong and seem to be coping fantastically. One friend has been through the worse part so far and seems even stronger. My other friend is facing surgery next Monday and seems very stoic, worrying about leaving too much work behind for others while she recovers. Wow! They didn’t smoke. They lived healthy lives. This sort of thing is never a person’s fault. Crap happens! Right?

Sometimes it’s the passing of a cat. That little hole is now empty of all but memories. What I know is the fact that I am responsible for how I react to things. I have to own that. We cannot change what has already happened. We control only how we react and carry on.

I truly believe that what we need and what we need to share is empathy and honesty. Ask what the person needs and make sure they feel secure/safe/equal when they tell you.

This goes out to all those who need heart, love and caring. I care! Thanks for listening. ;D Diane


~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on November 18, 2013.

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