Is Exercise A Dirty Word

exercise dirty wordI need exercise but I hate to exercise. I hurt, I wheeze, I procrastinate…but…I know I need to exercise. So I’ll explore some options and applaud those who not only do it but excel at it.

I’ve had some wonderful walks lately. They are incidental but walks never the less. Shauna and I went to the parliament buildings for Remembrance Day and she was worried that we would not be able to park close enough for me to walk it comfortably. We walked all the way around the legislature and stood for an hour and half but it was so worth it. I bring my cane just for the security because I am so afraid of falling. But it was a glorious day and so inspiring.

exercise or death?I also had the dog for a night this weekend so she and I got a wee walk as well. She’s growing up so I’m not so scared of her bolting. She’s a boxer and so strong, I’m worried she’ll pull me off my feet was a nice afternoon and the smell of fall was in the air. She (and I) were so good.

Leanne and Shauna exercise regularly. Leanne goes to the gym almost every day and Shauna is running again. They’ve got endorphins!!! Oh, yeah, and muscles. Me? The batteries in my pedometer are dead! It makes it much harder to record my “incidental exercise“.  Norm exercises as part of his work and when he’s resting on the weekend he’s pruning trees, digging in the compost and not sitting around on the computer. Sigh.

exercise zombiesI work with people who are very exercise conscious, too. They exercise before work, they walk around the track out back during breaks and spend lunch working out. I don’t wonder why I feel so guilty. I take my breaks and lunches seriously. I spend a lot of brain energy at work. It’s not easy being witty and knowledgeable all the time. I’m joking. But, there is motivation. I DO feel better after a nice walk.

So, today is my day off and I’ve got my walking poles in the trunk and a whole bunch of trails to chose from. They’re level safe for us nervous walkers and from 1 to 5 km. It’s supposed to be sunny with cloudy periods and the temperature up to 14C/58F. Perfect, right? I figure if I write it here then I have to do it. I will.

So, thanks for listening. I’m off for a walk. ;D Diane

smiles are situps

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on November 13, 2013.

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