Sunday Promises – Ending Daylight Saving Time

It’s the Sunday that we turn the clocks back and end Daylight Saving Time. It’s the beginning of a new week and a new set of diet goals and promises. It was a wet and windy day yesterday and felt like true fall then, sometime during the night the wind blew the clouds away, the stars came out and the sun rose and sparkled on the frosty roofs in my neighbourhood. Sigh! It gives me a wonderfully positive outlook on this week.

Times-Colonist 3/11/13

Times-Colonist 3/11/13

I’ve been off on a week of indulgences (Halloween and Kit Kats are killers). I even have had bagels. I honestly don’t remember the last time I had bagels  – and with cream cheese. Mmmmmm!!!! So it’s back on the plan and restarting the food journal complete with the attached emotions. This week it won’t be “guilt” every time I write something down. Is “hopeful” an emotion?













 Nov 2

 bowl of soup, toasted and buttered bagel

5:00 Living room deprived Shauna and Norm got the tomato and bacon sandwiches, no bacon left.


2 KitKat bars tiny 9:30 Living room nauseous


 I don’t need these but mmmmm


 tequila and grapefruit juice


Living Room 


It’s Saturday night 

Nov 3 

 Black Coffee 


Kitchen Table 




 1 egg, apple  8:30  Kitchen Table  Starving  No “white food” week?
   bowl of soup, rice cake   12:30  Living room  Righteous?

Getting tired of this soup 

My food journal has bunch of categories of information that I am supposed to record for every time I eat or drink. When I use it and am honest (These things are sometimes mutually exclusive!) it really works. Instead of just eating whatever comes within arm’s reach I must think, evaluate and then choose whether or not to put the morsel in my mouth.  I can do that. I WILL do that. I back-filled a couple of things just to put today in perspective.

So, this will be a good week and since it is so beautiful this morning I can’t even think of a single reason not have a spectacular walk. I’ll even make Norm go with me. Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

Emotion List

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