A Walk In The Park Makes Me Good?

On the trail at Swan Lake. Pic by Shauna

On the trail at Swan Lake.
Pic by Shauna

Well, I was a good person Sunday. I just re-read that sentence and I realize how harshly I judge myself as good or bad based on what I eat. What I meant to say was, “It was a good day Sunday”.  I walked 2 1/2 kilometres around Swan Lake with my daughters, Leanne and Shauna. Leanne was ready to go at 9 in the morning but I had to phone Shauna and OMG, I woke her up. She didn’t complain and off we went on a mild October day. It’s a wonderful nature sanctuary with few hills so my hips and knees liked it. I took my walking poles because they give me so much stability and confidence. I realized, that on the trail, I’m terrified of falling now. We saw the beautiful fall colours and plants, ducks and a couple of amazing otters. Why don’t I do this more often????

After the walk and talk we went for brunch at a local hotel restaurant called the Hideaway. I couldn’t even finish half of my meal but I ate my eggs and most of the chorizo. I think that was triggering the “good person” concept. I hardly ate any of the pan-fries and I LOVE pan fries. But I’ve been very conscious of when I am full and…I stop!

I want to get into shape. I know round is a shape but that’s not the shape I want as I enter the next phase of my life. I need stamina and muscle strength so I don’t put undue stress on my bad knee. I also want to be able to do the 5K Goddess Walk next year. Well, I’m thinking about it. Walking is so good for me.  round is a shape

Then there was supper: meatloaf, potatoes au gratin and green beans.  I had small servings of everything and still couldn’t finish it all. I also did not have any of the Caramel Apple loaf I got for Norm. I’m still on the cinnamon apple water and it seems to be keeping my appetite in control but I don’t think it’s doing a damn thing for my metabolism. I’d actually come off the Birthday-Thanksgiving weekend with a weight loss of 1/2 a pound. But… I’m have trouble keeping my red wine to one glass a night. It’s really nice and I got a birthday gift certificate for Everything Wine from Shauna. Sigh.

Shaping up is a way to deal with deep thoughts but I’m having trouble picturing myself in any kind of shape better than what I am right now. I had to renew my driver’s license and I look pretty good from the neck up on it. But when I look down….my tummy is still pretty prominent. I know my hernia makes it a little sticky out, but, I’ll be honest, most of it is excess weight. I seem to be constantly working on my attitude, then I fall off the diet plan and have to climb back on but, seriously, climbing is exercise, too, isn’t it?

Well, today is Tuesday,  I had a good weekend, and I lived through Monday at Costco. Lenore, it was nice to see you and Bill there.  So, now I will be thinking about getting in shape and staying close to the plan.

Thanks for listening.  ;D Diane

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