PTSD – Post Turkey-Stuffed Day!

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, also know as PTSD, Post Turkey-Stuffed Day. And yesterday I was definitely stuffed. But due to my stomach surgery I didn’t take a heaped plate and then stopped when I was full. There were still mashed potatoes and gravy on my plate and everyone else was going back for seconds. I cooked all day and it was spectacular! There was even enough for leftovers to go home with the girls. I had made all the favourites, 5 litres of mashed potatoes, a litre of gravy, Fireball yams, sausage stuffing, the turkey and a pumpkin pie with homemade pastry crust! Leanne brought broccoli casserole (I like this one very much and I hate broccoli, I think it’s the Ritz cracker crumb crust! And of course the many bottles of wine!

I think holidays like Thanksgiving, when we all give thanks for the good harvest and our wonderful families, are when we can put full-blown diets aside and sample the feast! And it was good.

large purple thingMany people suffer from full-blown (pun intended) PTSD – post turkey-stuffed distress. I’m sure you’ve had the feeling – the unbuttoning of pants, the leaning back in your chair to make more room(and not for Auntie but your tummy), the tryptophan overload as your eyelids try to close – you know it.  You’ve just mopped up the last smidgen of gravy with your dinner roll when the call for pumpkin pie comes down on you. You must, you know you have to, you have no options, really. Then the last, but not least question, “Do you want whipped cream with that?”trytophan

I’m sure I have a chemical dependency on tryptophan and seratonin. After a turkey dinner with all the fix’ns, I am satisfied, happy and very relaxed. I strip the turkey, bag the leftovers and start the soup. I sit down in the living room with all my family with a glass of wine and we all exude contentment. Even the dog went to sleep as the TV played football. I never watch football but I did last night.

And now today is PTSD and I’m going to make some more apple-cinnamon water and finish the soup. 6 litres of turkey soup to be shared amongst the survivors.

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on October 14, 2013.

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