Facing The Scale – Coming Down Off The Plateau

I got weighed Wednesday and was up from where I thought I was but…duh duh duh… I was down 7 pounds from the last time I was weighed at the Dr’s office. Sigh! My husband has been fooling around with my scale at home. It’s not a very good one and I had it set 2 pounds over the zero because then it was pretty close to the Dr’s. Norm keeps moving it back to zero even though I told him it wasn’t accurate. In fact, it was set below zero and sigh, he had just weighed himself. Anyways, I was surprised becasue I thought I was still on the high side of the plateau but it seems I’m on the good side now.

Times-Colonist 28/08/2013

Times-Colonist 28/08/2013

Anyone who has been trying lose weight knows about the plateau. I’m trying to be positive that I can break through and keep on the downward trend. You try all different things to bump your weight down that 5 pounds to re-boot the weight loss. I’ve tried exercise but with the frelled up shoulder and knee, that results in lots of pain and everyone know that chocolate and wine help pain. They are part of a balanced diet, right?

balanced diet chocolateWell, I’m happy with the weigh-in. I actually believe that a fair bit is the fact that they moved my desk into my morning classroom on the main floor and then I have to go up and down the stairs at least four times a day. Also, when I’m at work I can’t forage in the cupboard or the fridge. I do bring apples and now that Chinese oranges are out, I have a few of those at work for my cravings. Sigh!

I will continue to be a loser! Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on October 4, 2013.

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