Who Needs Guilt When You’re At The Chinese Buffet?

ImageIt’s early Sunday morning and I’m half way through my first cup of coffee. Actually, it’s not even 6am yet and I felt I must share this experience with those of you who know my struggle with food/weight/guilt etc. Life is the lesson.

Last night, my wise partner in life, Norm said, “Let’s go out for dinner.” I had taken hamburger out of the freezer to make Beef-a-la-Kirby but…I could, no wait, WOULD sacrifice that for dinner out! (PS: I cooked it and put it in the freezer for another day. I daren’t risk food poisoning.)

These decisions to go out always lead to wonderful suggestions of where to go. The Keg? Milestones? White Spot (mmmm White Spot burger’s Triple O Sauce), Swiss Chalet?

I could see the quality and ambience going downhill quickly when he said, “May Gold?”
“May Gold Village?” I said, “The Chinese restaurant where Mr Mike’s used to be?”
“Yeah, what do you think?”
“Sounds good.”

So, off we went to May Gold Village. May Gold Village is a buffet with a variety of offerings and prices depending on what day of the week you go. They also offer sushi. I wish I liked sushi. But, it’s the nori, I don’t like the seaweed most sushi is wrapped in. I like dulse, dried east coast seaweed, and the new seaweed snacks out there but not nori.

buffetSince I had my stomach surgery (sleeve gastrectomy for weight loss), buffets are teasers because I can’t eat very much at a time. I can consume quite a bit but it has to over a period of time and I hadn’t planned to stay at May Gold Village for the night and they don’t let you have a doggie bag at a buffet. I figured I could pick and choose tiny amounts of really nice things I don’t normally have at home. And I did. I had salt and pepper prawns, deep-fried prawns with sesame-garlic sauce, an egg roll, beautiful veggie stir fry, almond chicken (yes, more deep fried – battered stuff), a couple of pieces of sweet and sour lean pork, and bit of beef tenderloin and greens (that was making my mouth water with its rich-looking dark sauce). Sigh. My plate was only half full. Mind you, they were very big plates. But I did pick up chopsticks so I could control my mouthfuls, right?

I had ordered Chinese tea for a beverage and it was so nice and refreshing. I started working my way through the offerings, savouring each tasty morsel. The egg roll wasn’t so great, it seemed to be just cabbage. So, because I didn’t want to waste my stomach space, I only ate half of it. The salt and pepper prawns, all two of them, were fantastic. The deep-fried prawns with the sauce were highly addictive and I don’t even remember chewing. I enjoyed each piece of broccoli, celery, carrot and onion in a delightful black bean sauce and picked up my first piece of sweet and sour pork.

I froze. There, suspended from the bright red piece of pork in my chopsticks was a shiny piece of metal wire. It kind of looked like the stuff they make scrubby pads from. I put it aside and moved all the pork (the other piece) to the top of the plate. I ate the rest of the food on my plate and when the server came to collect the plate I showed him the bit and asked him to show the manager. He apologized and went off. Norm had gone up for seconds and said I was too picky.

MeshMy tummy was full but, I had seen coconut jelly at the dessert table and I love coconut jelly, I had to have couple of cubes. It wasn’t that coconutty so I only ate the dark white part of each. Another staffer came over and explained that the metal had come from the deep fry basket and appologized. She gave us our bill and explained that she had taken Norm’s coffee off the bill as compensation. I thanked her and sighed. I don’t know what I wanted for the metal. I finished the other stuff on my plate and was now very uncomfortable (tummy-wise) because I didn’t stop when I was full AND had consumed two cups of Chinese tea (no charge, always).

We paid and set off for home. We were watching TV and I was still uncomfortable and only sipping on ice water as Norm had a glass of wine. It was a very low-key night. It took me awhile to feel comfortably un-stuffed and around 10pm I was feeling very sleepy so, off to bed I went. I don’t know when Norm came to bed but later that night we both had the revenge of the Chinese buffet. I was very, very gassy and Norm was nauseous. I went off to relieve my pressure and got Norm a nice Gravol so he could get comfortable and sleep. Because, if Norm can’t sleep – I don’t get to sleep. Soon we were both in la-la land.

It now Sunday, Norm is still sleeping and I’m now at the bottom of my second cup of coffee. I don’t feel guilt, I have the feeling of already being punished for the buffet, but now that I have weathered that, I am now back on track. We won’t be returning to May Gold Village and my craving for deep fried anything is filled for a very long time. I guess you sometimes have to do things like that to know what you are missing. Nothing!!!!! It was my weekly life lesson!

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on September 22, 2013.

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