I Could’ve Been a Supermodel? Life Happened!


It’s been a very stressful week; for me, our staff, the students and even for Norm (he had to make his own sandwiches for his lunch). It was our first full week of classes at the Saanich Adult Learning Centre where I work. It is difficult to: remember where everyone is supposed to be (as in course or classroom); meet new people and remember their names; try and get the on-line courses up and running if the internet doesn’t cut out; and, because life happens; a lot of adults were still signing up.

I give our students so much credit for their amazing courage to come back to school as adults. I used to believe that you went to kindergarten and stayed until you got your grade 12 then you went to university. I now know that you can’t pick the time that you actually learn and that life can prevent you from doing school the traditional way. People learn in many different ways and traditional schools can’t always help. Also, people may be at the wrong place in their life to accept school as an option. Poverty, abuse and the need to explore puberty and it’s trials may delay school and learning opportunities until later when a person can CHOOSE to continue their learning. People who choose to come back to school are more focused and motivated than in their younger days. I truly enjoy working with and teaching adults who want to learn.

That brings me back to stress and losing weight. I have been very stressed this week. The internet keeps cutting out. I need 3 copies of a 120 page course and the photocopier hates me. And my main classroom is down stairs, my office is upstairs and my knee is killing. But… here it is Friday, lots of students showed up (me too!) and there was much laughter in my room as we were discussing common denominators, vertical angles, thesis statements and what to do for Halloween. I love being here and if it keeps me from my fridge that’s a plus. I’m also getting lots of walking exercise. I’ll suck up the stress and work with anyone who needs me.

Our students inspire me! Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on September 13, 2013.

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