Stomach, Mouth or Heart Hunger?

craving change magnetIt’s the middle of the week and I am looking at how I’m doing on my eating. So far, not too bad. I’ve been aware of what kinds of hungry I am. If I reflect before I forage for the crave morsels I don’t usually eat any. I actually have this magnet from Craving Change on my fridge at eye level and another by the handle.

One of my eating/weight problems is that I am hungry almost all the time. Seriously, I actually experience hunger pangs (love that expression, “Hunger pangs!”). So is it stomach, mouth or heart hunger? I guess I could tell you my understanding of these different kinds of hunger.

Stomach Hunger – the actual need to eat to survive, physical hunger

Mouth Hunger – craving the taste, feel, smell of food; the pleasure of food

Heart Hunger – the need to respond to feelings, mental needs; emotional eating

I'm assuming the the green stuff is really good for me, too!

I’m assuming
the green stuff
is really good for me, too!

Well, it’s breakfast time and I am hungry. I know I’m only supposed to eat when my stomach is hungry. You know, breakfast, lunch, supper and the two to three snacks in between. Theoretically, if I did that I would never have mouth or heart hunger but…it’s breakfast and I have to have something to eat so I can combine mouth hunger and stomach hunger. I’m craving the garlicky, cheesy taste of pesto. So, I’ll make pesto-scrambled eggs with pepper jack cheese. Tons of taste, and ohhh, the smell, lots of protein, some calcium and almost no carbs.  That will definitely take care of the stomach hunger and beat down the mouth hunger at the same time. And if I’m full and satisfied I won’t have the heart hunger, right?

Well, I’m off to cook some killer eggs and then do a pile of hand-washing dishes while I am full. It’s a beautiful day so I’ll take a couple of painkiller (my knee is not doing very well, sigh) and go visit Esquimalt Lagoon.

Thanks for listening! And I’ll leave you with the heart hunger image I found that was over-written in my head with the pesto-eggs. ;D Diane

heart burger

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on September 11, 2013.

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