Celebrating Bad Behaviour By Being Crabby?

crabby catWell, I got weighed and did not gain nearly as much as I thought I had. (But I did gain a couple of pounds since the road trip.) My blood pressure was great. (That means normal for mere mortals.) I’ve been good at work and home (since Wednesday ad it’s only Friday morning).

Well, pretty good, if you can count a crab cake for breakfast. Crab cakes are pretty low in carbs and fit with my No White Food Diet. And besides, we had one left over from dinner on Wednesday night and I hate to waste food. I didn’t eat it that night and it made a very rich breakfast!

Imagine these in a glossy red...

Imagine these in a glossy red…

I had actually been quite bad on Wednesday, my doctor day. After my weigh-in I went shopping – groceries, housewares and glasses. I had my eyes tested in February and got a prescription for reading glasses. I thought it might be time to get the prescription filled. I have one eye that’s a little near-sighted and the other a little far-sighted. It makes for very tiring reading. So..while in the Superstore, I got new glasses. Nice red ones and, OH MY, reading was so much easier! Sigh, why do I deny myself health and happiness???? Am I punishing myself or just cheap? I can’t even use cost as a reason for delaying because I have extended health coverage.

Anyways, I also needed a few groceries, new kitchen chair cushions and juice. I bought a Cadbury chocolate bar and ate the whole thing. I honestly do not remember the last time I bought and ate a chocolate bar. I actually felt a little sick after, I think the sugar made me cranky (not the idea that reading glasses confirm my aging process). I also bought some no-name Pringles, ruby-red grapefruit juice, crab cakes and some pineapple salsa. If I’m looking at carbs, only the crab cakes and salsa would be any good for me. It seems to part of my pattern that I eat bad foods (chocolate, pizza, Pringles) on weigh-in days, then diet for the next week and a half.

Come on,  they are carved from bigger carrots, right?

Come on,
they are carved from bigger carrots, right?

Well, I will not do that this time. We had a BBQ at work yesterday and I had 1 1/2 home-made burgers and no buns. I also had a nice handful of those little sculpted carrots. back to work and I need to put a new battery in my pedometer because i walked up and down that hallway about 50 times and I cherish every step as my nod towards exercise.

So, I promise not to be crabby today and to stick to my eating plan (if I call it a diet, it smacks in the face if i fall a little to the side). I will think while I plan my lunch (it’s my responsibility today), and I will not help to clear out the birthday carrot cake and brownie leftovers in the staff fridge. I will work really hard on the day-to-day stuff.

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

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