Measuring Tapes and Weighing In

measuring tapeI had to buy a measuring tape the other day because I couldn’t find mine. I think it was a freudian loss, though. You know when you lose something because you really don’t want to find out what it is going to tell you.

Well, I had to buy one because I’m going to do some sewing for myself. I want to make two skirts and a top. I bought boots this last road trip and I want to show them off with skirts, one black and one denim. I even bought textured tights, so I know how long the skirts have to be to show them off, too.

I used to make awesome and unbelievably comfortable tops. So, I went to the fabric store and first had to open a tape measure (I was going to buy it anyways) and measure around the biggest part of me that a skirt would have to go around and figure out how much fabric to buy. I don’t use a pattern for the skirts or the top so It’s mostly how can I make the fabric fit me and not look like wrapping paper.

Kinda like this but a wee bit bigger and maybe not a band at the bottom.

Kinda like this but a wee bit bigger and maybe not a band at the bottom.

I found some great denim and a nice black pant-weight blend then, while looking at the back wall and it’s clearance I found a wonderful green t-shirting with a small rib to it. $3 a metre! This would make a custom t-shirt for under $5.00 and will look great with black leggings. I got leggings, too. Sigh.  I have a wonderful visions of looking cool this fall and winter but.. and there’s always a but…

I have a weigh-in at the doctor’s today. My doctor is away. I hope she’s having a road trip to unknown places. But, I need to check in so off I go this morning to get weighed, get my blood pressure measured and talk about my major aches and pains and I have some major aches and pains a swell as being one.

I have been off the rails the last week and a half. I weighed myself when we got back from our road trip but haven’t stepped on a scale since. I feel floppy. I feel like I’m scared to look down. My bra feels tighter but it’s weird one anyways. Maybe I hooked it over too far. I started back to work and registration is very overwhelming and so many students to work with one-on-one. The upside? It is so great to see returning students (insert many hugs and smiles, here) and meeting new enthusiastic people. But the crowd and pressure to get everyone processed and their records correct and all in the right subjects etc….. Sigh!

ritsI’ve been eating and drinking all kinds of bad things like: BBQ corn chips, dip and Straw-ber-itas. I think I was trying to keep the summer and holidays living on. But the weather has changed. Yesterday I had to wear closed-toe shoes that weren’t runners. More sighs. So, today I will face the music and re-boot for health and life. I love my work, the people and the growth. I love my family and life.

I will accept the findings of the tape measure and scale and act accordingly. I will stop making myself suffer and embrace the good (OMG – I’m sounding like an inspirational video!).

I’ll let you know how it went. Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on September 4, 2013.

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