Road Trip Days 6 and 7 – Home Stretch

Well, I’m home now and the laundry is done and all the gardens watered so I had better finish the saga of Road Trip 2013.

I feel less guilt if I show the maker  and not the waffle, right?

I feel less guilt if I show the maker
and not the waffle, right?

The morning of the 6th day I made our Pacific roast coffee in our room and when Norm was ready we wandered over to the expected choice of dry pastries where we were pleasantly surprised with a variety of fruit, oatmeal, dry cereal, yogurt, toast, bagels, muffins, eggs, bacon and WAFFLES. yep, I broke down and made myself a waffle. There was even cranberry juice. Not bad for $49.95 a night. We had filled the tank at Costco so we, and the car, were full for a long day of driving. We wanted to get as far north as possible. Oregon has no sales tax and I still needed to pick up a couple of things. I drove and drove. I think my right leg (gas pedal leg) is 2 inches slimmer than my left leg. But it’s not really much of an aerobic exercise for me. Norm is the one getting the aerobic exercise when I drive a little fast (85 miles an hour = 136.794 kilometres an hour) passing all those 3 trailer semis in Oregon. I aimed for Salem and ended up driving a little over 1100 km that day. We stopped at what was advertised as a “newly renovated” hotel. It looked OK from the lobby so we checked in. It may have been painted in nice, bright, high-gloss colours but it still needed some more renos. The room had WIFI, fridge and microwave, an older TV that worked for us but not for the people there before us or so the manager said when she came up to check it. We hadn’t had anything to eat since breakfast so we went looking for a restaurant. I missed the turn off for Denny’s and promptly got us lost. We thought we’d find somewhere else so we drove around Salem and found the Capitol and saw the setting sun reflecting off the Golden Pioneer. I’m glad we saw it. I reset the GPS and headed us back to our hotel and guess what? We ended up right at the Denny’s I missed the first time. So a late supper it was. For us, 9 pm is late. Then back to the hotel, which looked a lot more isolated and seedy in the dark but we a decent sleep.

This looks even more amazing with a sunset reflecting off all that gold.

This looks even more amazing with a sunset reflecting off all that gold.

We started the morning of the 7th day heralded by bright sunshine coming in our window and the relief I felt when I saw that my car had not been broken into. Since there wasn’t a coffee maker in the room I sent Norm down and he came back with their lobby coffee. Eeewww!!! Norm even thew his out. We left looking for somewhere to stop for coffee. I spotted a Safeway on our way out of Salem and, since I was looking for Twisted Tea for Leanne, I stopped. I got us a couple of baked goods, peach-citrus Fresca, Lime-a-rita (for Leanne, they were sold out of Twisted Tea) and two travel mugs filled with Starbucks Coffee. I normally don’t do Starbucks but it was so good and we needed coffee! Real Coffee.

A relatively short drive later, we made it to Portland, city of very confusing bridges and woven highways. I aimed us for a place called the Lloyd Centre. Thank goodness for the GPS, it even got us into the right lanes. We got there just as it was opening at 10 am. It’s a huge multi-level mall and civic centre. It had a skating rink. A SKATING RINK! Wow, we watched people, kids to my age adults, taking figure skating lessons. I got to go to Bath and Body Works, Payless Shoes and one last Lane Bryant. Norm even did some looking around and chatted up the guy in the poster shop where he found a re-print of a vintage Beatles poster of their visit to Vancouver in 1963. Norm is fun to travel with because he can talk so easily to almost anyone. We meet so many interesting people this way.

RazzalsBack on the I5 and heading for the border. We only needed to pick up 4 more things before we left the USA:  fill the gas tank; look for Leanne’s Twisted Tea; Norm’s duty-free beer and Tillamook pepper jack cheese. Into Washington and through Olympia, Seattle and with hunger calling we got off the I5 at Smokey Point and had a late lunch at a place called Razzals. Just right! Off again and over the broken bridge. We always stop at Cost Cutter’s in Blaine for stuff we can’t get for a good price in Canada. So, we got Norm’s “imported” Kokanee and the Tillamook pepper jack cheese we all love. We filled up on gas and drove  the 1 kilometre to the truck border crossing. It was the shortest border wait, ever, 2 minutes. They even let us back into Canada.

pepper jack

I get the 2 pound loaf.
I bought 3!

Now we had to get to the ferry and hope we wouldn’t have to wait too long. Well we got there just after 6 and the 7 pm was already we would have to wait. Bonus, we did run into Shauna at the terminal. She was returning from Hope for the weekend with work, but she had a reservation, we didn’t. So we waited, read and finally boarded the 8pm sailing. Some times the ferry trip is exciting but with all the driving we had been doing, all I wanted was to nap in the car on the truck deck.

We docked and there were only 4 short legs left to get home. 1) Pat Bay Highway, 2) Wilkenson Road, 3) Trans Canada Highway, 3) and the Goldstream Meadow turn off where we live. It was a wonderful trip and I had a lot of fun. I drove over 3500 kilometres. I even lost 2 pounds. I don’t know how but I was back to where I was at the beginning of the summer holidays. Hmmmm?????

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

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