Days 4 to 5 – 4 Stars Are Over-rated

This was not the view from our room but we could see water.

Harrah’s at Tahoe.
This was not the view from our room
but we could see water.

Well, we drove all over the Sierra Nevada mountains (and oh-so-many trees) looking for South Lake Tahoe. It’s on the Nevada side of the border. We got an amazing room at Harrah’s Casino Resort were there was: a fridge (full of stuff they would charge for just for moving to make room for our stuff); a Kuerig coffee maker(but the coffee was $4.99 a package and in the fridge we couldn’t touch); a huge bed; two bathrooms(?); desk; huge windows (overlooking a parking lot, another casino and if you looked to the far left – the lake); 2 arm chairs and a chaise; and a 1/2 kilometre walk to the elevator! No free WIFI ($10.99 for 24 hours), no coffee, no free breakfast(not even continental), not even a $1 in free slot play.tahoe room

We got there in the afternoon and went down to play on the machines. I forgot you got free drinks in Nevada casinos. I ordered a rye and ginger. The waitress looked very confused and I said “Canadian Whiskey” and she said she would ask the bartender.  She came back with a drink that looked right. Bourbon! And not very good bourbon. She asked if it was okay and said she was wondering if Jameson’s would be better. “You have Jameson’s,” I said. She said, “Yes, would you like one with ginger ale?”  I said, “Jameson’s on the rocks and a bottle of water, please.” And the rest of the day went very well.”

Norm played for quite a while on $5. We met again at 6 pm and went for a walk down the strip. It was so nice out.  Dinner was a buffet in a different hotel. What else do you eat in a casino town. It was mediocre.  I was low carb and low quantity. Some salads, fruit, brisket then the dessert bar. I got two little eclairs and a bit of ice cream. Norm took the cookies, again. We tried another casino with no luck and went back to Harrah’s for more fun before time to sleep and what a great sleep it was.

The next morning because there was no coffee in my room and I’m too cheap to pay $11.00 for a carafe to be sent to our room. So,I went down to the Riverside restaurant and told Norm I would bring him some coffee and toast. He joined me for a wonderful cup of coffee and we spent some more time (and $$) in the casino. I found out later I could have ordered a mimosa while I was playing. I’m glad I didn’t. I needed exercise. So I figure with the distance around the casinos, back and forth from the elevator to our room and back, I racked up about 10 miles. Nice.

I still think it’s weird that you get more free stuff at the $59 a night motels than at the big guys.

Nevada State Museum

Nevada State Museum

Carson City was out next stop. After the very nice night in Tahoe, we didn’t feel like driving too far. So we decided on Carson City, the capital of Nevada. We looked for a reasonable motel with a pool because we wanted to sit beside it, read, tan and jump in as needed. We found one right on North Carson St. I guess it’s one of the main drags. As I settled in and rearranged stuff in the trunk, Norm went for a walk. Then the thunder-storm started. Sigh, so much for sunning by the pool.

With not much else planned, we went to the Nevada State Museum. It turns out it was just up the street. Of course we had driven, thinking it would be far, it wasn’t. It is a wonderful museum with a mine exhibit that left me claustrophobic and fascinated with the idea that anyone would want to be a miner – on purpose. It was only open ’til 4:30, and we’d seen some of the museum but there wasn’t time for all of it so… so we had to decide on the Natural History section or Under One Sky, the American Native Exhibit. Nevada is  now acknowledging the importance of the Native Peoples of the west and it was a great exhibit. The people of Nevada are just recognizing the impact of their residential schools like the Stewart Indian School (and now Cultural Center).  Before we knew it we were being told it was closing time.

Adele'sWe walked to a local restaurant (I had my magic umbrella) a little before 5 and found Adele’s just 2 blocks away. WOW! We had no idea we had wandered into an award-winning restaurant. It was too early for dinner (that menu comes on at 5pm) so we settled in to the lounge. The menu there was amazing and the beer nice and cold. The staff was so friendly and the ambience was unique. Norm had pasta and kept telling me how good it was and I had an heirloom gazpacho then Charlie’s Chubby Chuck. OMG! I will feel guilty for a month for that one. I also ate it for two days. It was hours before we got back to the room where reading, resting and a Mountain Man Marathon (for Norm) were the end of our day. Carson City was wonderful! And it has casinos if we ever want to go back.

Hi ho, hi ho – off towards Oregon we go, I mean “went”. More tomorrow. Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

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