Day 3 of the 2013 Road Trip – Exhilaration!

After last night with the noisiest hotel room in years due to constant road traffic and no air conditioning I was looking forward to some excitement. We had a coupon from Spinreel Dune Buggies. I figured they were just a little way up 101 but…I also didn’t realize just how big the Oregon Dunes are.  We got there around 9:30 and I rented a two-seater for an hour. Norm was going to drive. Originally I wanted two ATV’s so I could go all over the place on my own. I chickened out when I saw the dunes and rules (two pages) and the costs for any damages due to anything I might do wrong. We sat through a marvellous safety video on how to climb a sand dune, what to do and what not to do while driving – mostly what not to do. I was now truly excited and terrified. I got my helmet and out we went.

dunesThe dunes are almost across the street from the rental place.  We were going so slow. The route starts out through a state campground then into the dune park. There are nine sets of dunes in this are surrounded by trees and grass hillocks. We were warned not to go near the trees, they attract then attack dune buggies and that would cost us a fortune.

Norm was a little tentative while he was getting the feel for the transmission and steering. Up the dune turn on the crest then along the ridge and down. Eventually we were booting it up, what I thought were fairly steep slopes then coming down really steep slopes. I loved it. An hour went fast. I know why everyone has the really long flags on their vehicles, so you can see them before you run them over.  I figure I got a great aerobic workout just holding on and breathing like I was going to die! Exhilarating and worth every minute.

So, after that it was off to Yreka for our stop for the night. On the way we needed lunch and stopped at a junction of a couple of smaller highways and had a very nice lunch with craft beers. We had so much left over we took half a BLT and a pile of onion rings in a take-away box for later. and off we went.

Yreka is on the I% heading south into California. It’s just past Mount Shasta. Passing Mt Rainier, Mt Baker, Mt St Helen’s,, Mt Hood then Mt Shasta, you can’t help wondering when the next volcano is going to blow. Drive on – drive on. By-the-way … I do 99% of the driving in my car and Norm doesn’t seem to mind. He does do his share of shotgun driving , though.yreka

We had picked up a hotel coupon book that steered us to place with WIFI, continental breakfast, fridge (for Norm’s beer), air-conditioning and a pool because it was so hot. We pulled in and took it. It was 36 C when we got there, that’s 102 F for Americans. Too damn hot for a fat girl from Victoria where 72 F is perfect tank and shorts weather.

Supper was nice at a Big Black Bear Diner – once we found it. We had a nice tour around Yreka looking for it and talked to some very nice people and found out in the newer part of Yreka. I got the second thing I crave when I’m off my diet and on holidays. I ate a patty melt – a grilled cheese on rye with fried onions and a beef patty. Mmmmmm. My guilt factor was over the moon. Back to our room, a dip in the coldest swimming pool in the northern hemisphere, and crashing for the night.

I made my coffee and the apples and packaged pastries from the “breakfast” (for Norm) were our morning feast and off we were, headed for Lake Tahoe on the Nevada side. I had reserved at Harrah’s. More to come. Not so much exercise  for me.

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

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