Days 1 and 2 – Road Trip 2013 – 1 Star to 3 1/2 Stars

Washington State Ferry MV Chelan

Washington State Ferry
MV Chelan

Well, Saturday was the first day of our 2013 Road Trip. The only destination I want to hit is the sand dunes at Florence, Oregon. But first we have to get there. We had been out celebrating and dancing the night before. Friends of ours were celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary. I got exercise. I don’t remember the last time I jived with Norm. he is a fantastic dancer and with my hips the way they’ve been for the last umpteen years, he doesn’t get to do much except for maybe the odd slow dance at a wedding. We even got compliments about how well we danced together. I guess the next generations don’t do much touchy, feely, grabass dancing. Too bad for them.


Red Barn Turkey Sandwich
on Whole Wheat. I had marble rye.

We got on the road in good time and even stopped to exchange a wee bit of Canadian money for American so we can leave tips. We were scheduled for the Sidney – Anacortes ferry at noon, but first had to stop at Red Barn Market for sandwiches. The food on the Sidney – Anacortes ferry is truly bad and we now come prepared. Red Barn makes award winning sandwiches and we almost had to hide then on the boat so we wouldn’t be attacked or drooled on.

The trip through the San Juan Islands is spectacular. It saves us a couple of hours and the Peace Arch border crossing. Our next goal, when we landed, was to get as far south on the I5 that we could that day. Things got slowed up a lot with a car accident just north of Seattle but we made it through and went on. We stopped for supper at Sea-Tac (that’s were the airport is, between Seattle and Tacoma). We like to do diners or family style restaurants instead of chains or fast foods so stopped at a place called Dave’s Diner. It had an old 59 Chevy outside in the shrubbery.

The people there were so fantastic and there were lots of great sounding things on the menu. We both ordered the veal cutlet. It even came with soup. A nice cup of beef noodle loaded with real roast beef. But…(duun duun duh) the veal cutlet was a veal “steakette”. Eewww when you’re not expecting it. There were lots of carrots, Yeah! But the mashed potatoes were regular potatoes, boiled to death, the crap mashed out of them then thickened with instant. Yuck. The gravy barely helped until I found a hair in mine. Gag, gag, GAG! They took a couple of bucks off for that. Won’t be going back there.

Oh well,  back on the road. A little further south we got held up again by another accident. Sigh. We didn’t seem to be getting very far, and in the tradition of a true Kirby road trip. We hadn’t made any reservations for the night.  Just past Olympia we started looking for hotels. Centrailia looked good so we pulled off the highway. The last days of the Washington State Fair, three family reunions, and two golf tournaments and no where to sleep for the night. Everyone was full. Onward we went. Just like the old days when we would drive far into the night. We tried Chahailis next. Same room at the inn. By then it was dark, the moon was out and the landscape looked totally different. Next we stopped at Castle Rock. Just off the highway, past the classic neon beer signage in the local watering hole was a hotel. I went in and asked, 1) Are there any rooms? “Yes”, 2) How much? (we’re notoriously cheap) “The rate is $51.” 3) What is your rate for seniors? “$51”  We took it.

On most rating sites it probably be given a half a star. I would give it a 1 star. It was very clean and smelled nice. It was very old and dated. But no real amenities. No fridge, no coffee maker, no shampoo or body lotion. The TV was 3 feet deep but we did have WIFI. (YES!) But it was quiet and I was so tired I just went to sleep. The next day we would head for Florence but breakfast first. We hopped in the car and looked for a restaurant. Surprise! The bar we saw next door the night before was a wonderful family diner. I got my biscuits and gravy and decent restaurant coffee. I need to ask how many biscuits are in an order I couldn’t finish it. The people are so friendly. Off we went. This day would be wonderful!

Old Town Inn

Old Town Inn

We picked up a hotel coupon book and were focused on three possibilities in Florence. I trust in the GPS. Through Portland, Salem and hang a right at Eugene. We headed for the coast. We reached Florence in the afternoon and walked into the hotel with our coupon and booked the room right away. King bed, coffee maker, fridge, flatscreen TV, breakfast and WIFI. Sigh! Nice.

We settled in and then saw it was a little late to go on the dunes so we went to the casino. Nice! I won a little and that paid for our play and buffet dinner. Normally I don’t do buffets, because of my small stomach, it seems a waste but considering what was offered and what we would have paid in a regular restaurant, it was a good deal. Grilled veggies, 1 piece of fried chicken, some grilled flank steak (OMG!), a baked potato (yes, with cheese, bacon, chives, and sour cream), I was done. But…I’ve never seen so many desserts. I didn’t have room for any. I seemed so good. Back to our room and a couple of light beers and munchies later.  The room was very noisy. Highway 101 (the beautiful coastal route) was right in front of us and the traffic kept up all night. It had been 26C(82F) during the day so the room was very warm and I needed to have the window open. All night!!! Oh well. I would rate yesterday a 3 1/2 star day! I love road trips. This morning we discovered the “breakfast” is coffee, juice, packaged baked goods, apples and oranges. I made coffee in our room with the coffee I brought from home and 1/2 a blueberry muffin and an apple are my breakfast this morning. We’ll aim for a killer lunch later. I’m not sure were we’re heading after the dune adventure.

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

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