Restarting the Fire! Ok, OK – It’s Just a KITA!

Adrian Lam, TC Photo

Suzie Spitfire
TC Photo by Adrian Lam

I read an article in the local paper, the Times-Colonist, about a wonderful, local woman who has lost over 100 pounds.  Her name is Suzie Spitfyre and she’s 38. Yes, that’s her real name and what she has is accomplishing is fantastic. And she’s doing it for herself. She has become my KITA (Kick In The Ass) motivation to get back on track.

Suzie’s Streamlined Success Story  started when she was chosen to be one of six participant’s in the Times Colonist’s Health Challenge. She stuck to it and won the challenge by losing 52 pounds and many inches. But she didn’t stop there. She is keeping at it and will keep at it.

cottage cheeseSo in my first step (this week) I fired off an email thanking her for sharing her story and inspiration. It seems I need a continuous kick in the ass to do IT. I’ve had my meds and breakfast. Cottage cheese and pineapple. Mmmmmm. Actually it’s really good and I need the calcium and protein.

I’m taking care of the dog today so I know I’ll get a good walk in, all the while doing resistance work (she pulls on the leash and she’s very strong). I also just did 50 minutes of hoeing and weeding. I think my exercise quotient will be above average.

Sigh, I feel encouraged and ignited. I know I need fire to burn calories and burning calories helps get rid of fat. And I have plenty of that to give away. I wish there was a donor foundation for fat but then, really, who would want it? I sure don’t. Most people who want to bet bigger want bone and muscle. I’ve donated bone but I need my muscles.

Enough for today. Get out there and look for your igniter. Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

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