Calories Burned Part 2

Okay, it’s Friday and only the first day of an entire weekend of temptations, cravings and guilt. But I know I can still burn calories. And…as we know… if we burn enough calories they might be the ones we ate on the weekend. My nephew, Michael, a “Training Coach” said the whole concept of “incidental exercise” is a great way to get people to realize they are active in some way everyday and can get even more exercise if the put the TV remote on a table more than arm’s reach away! So, on that note I want to share this re-posting with you.

Little Blind Girl’s List of Everyday Exercises

  1. Banging your head against the desk/table/wall for five minutes:  15 calories
  2. Walking down to supply closet, forgetting what you went there for, walking back to office, then remembering and walking back to supply closet:  25 calories
  3. Doodling on legal pad while not really listening to tedious phone conversation:  20 calories/half hour
  4. Losing important file and cursing profusely while stomping around looking for it:  15 calories
  5. Losing important file and trying not to curse profusely because boss is around:  40 calories (note:  not recommended for extended durations)
  6. Searching for keys in the morning:  20 calories
  7. Transferring items from one purse to another (may qualify as weight training):  10 calories
  8. Throwing pen across room because it refuses to write smoothly:  5 calories, if you include walking over to where it fell and cleaning the mark off the wall
  9. Panicking over missed deadline:  15 calories
  10. Reading blogs when you should be doing work:  60 calories/hour

From Little Blind Girl recommends

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

This puppy knows there's pizza in the weekend!  Pre-guilt!

This puppy knows there’s pizza in the weekend!

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on August 9, 2013.

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