I Got A Good Feeling!

Two days, two doctors and an X-ray and I feel so great!!! I lost the weight from the last 3 weeks so I’m starting for the next two.  My BMI (body mass index) is down from last November, so I must be doing something OK! I hate to think it’s yard work. Tuesday I saw Dr. Amson the bariatric surgeon who did my “sleeve gastrectomy” and one of my previous hernia repairs. He is so positive about the plateauing of the weight and the gain I had from two years ago. There is a 90% recidivism rate for this surgery if you don’t change the eating habits from before the surgery. But that wasn’t we really met for. I have another hernia. It is huge 13cm by 12 cm (6 1/2 inches by 6 inches)hole in my abdominal wall. All my innards want to be outards. He said I have two choices – surgery or live with it. It will be a horrendous surgery with lots of pain, and down time. I hate surgery and the recovery. I do like results but I’ve had it done before and a new hernia pops up or, should I say, pops out. Sigh. We talked a little and settled on the fall of 2014. I have a trip to Europe planned for that spring and want to be in some condition that I can deal with before I go.

Oh, well, while I was there Dr. Amson had me talk to the good, bad and ugly of my sleeve to a woman who had the same surgery four weeks earlier and her husband two days before. Wow! Two at a time. It will sure cut down on their grocery bills. I told her that I had great success the first two years then my old habits came back but I’m working on it whole hog (yes, I like that expression and hogs work hard), again.

Happy Puppy!!!!

Happy Puppy!!!!

Then yesterday, I saw Dr. Michelle Fretz. She’s my family doctor and has kept me sane and healthy for a very long time. She was so upbeat and told me all was well and even asked about our yearly road trip! She’s Norm’s doctor, too. We, Kirbys are a whole family plan. I left her office feeling so elated that I decided to go to the Vic General to get my hip X-ray done for my appointment with the hip guy at the end of the month. Almost no waiting time even though I didn’t have a set appointment time. I bought a new tote and umbrella in the gift shop. It’s a preventative umbrella since we haven’t have any rain since June. They have the coolest gifts at the shop there. In the parking lot everyone was trading parking permits for free parking and I passed mine on! Off to errands. My income tax refund finally came and I deposited it. Everything was going so smoothly and it wasn’t even noon yet, so I treated myself to an iced coffee from McDonalds. Their $1 iced coffees are pretty good and I can forgo the sugar syrup and change the cream for milk. Nice!!!! I’m a happy puppy.

Errands, done; chores done; doctors seen; it was time to sit on the deck with big mug of ice water and read. It was truly glorious! In fact it was a truly glorious day! We all need these sometimes. I know there are good days and bad days and I will bend like the willow. It is never 100% bad or 100% good. I’m sure our water bill will show the down side of glorious weather but we will have tomatoes, arugula, lettuce and cukes to offset the cost.

I know I linked this before but it’s a good song and it is exactly how I felt yesterday. Click on it and pump up the volume. It’s great for dance walking or car dancing! Imagine me driving down the Trans Canada Highway,  roof open and and the volume way up! I can sing as loud as I want to and I did! Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

Flo Rida – I Got A Good Feeling

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