Rattling the Bars of My Own Prison

layla (7)

Trim waist and great BMI!

No, this has nothing to do with drinking establishments. I wish it did, I could use a good Zombie right about now. I have put myself in a prison of my own making (metaphorically speaking, of course). And the last few days have had me rattling the bars. The last time I wrote I was once again looking for a way to get out of the ever-eating doldrums. I was working on battling my crave monsters, too, but more of that another day. I had Leanne and Dustin, Shauna, and two of my nephews from Toronto, Michael and Ryan, over for a T-bone BBQ to celebrate Norm’s birthday. I had even bought low-fat, organic duck/yam treats for Layla, the dog.

I think it was the dog treats that made me face up to bars of my jail cell. I was so careful to keep her on her diet. She gets very sick when she eats fatty foods or certain proteins/crap. My goodness, why wasn’t I treating myself this way? She exercises all the time and has a beautiful figure. I bought food for her that was organic lamb and apples. I don’t eat enough apples. Sigh.

Well, there were T-bone steaks, bean salad (If it’s bean salad what is it now?), cucumber salad, tomato bocconi¬†salad, and twice-baked stuffed potatoes. Dustin is now my favourite son-in-common-law, he made the potatoes and I’m still tasting the garlic! It was all very healthy, I even had low-fat cream cheese loaded with West Coast smoked salmon and low carb crackers for an appetizer. The downfall was the amount and variety of potent potables. There were 7 different beers, two types of cider, some coolers, red and white wine and Leanne made a couple of pitchers of Strawberry Sage Lemonade. OMG. I didn’t even want to think about the amount of sugar in that pitcher. The alcohol I could face, but the sugar????

mason jarWith all of us talking and laughing (aerobic exercise) I was full quickly and had enough steak left over for another meal for myself. I kept my 20 oz Mason jar mug full of ice-water and did very well. When I weighed myself the next day, I had lost 2 pounds. I couldn’t believe it. But then, I realized I had also incidental exercised myself most of the day, too. I had forgotten to wear my pedometer but I think I only sat down for an hour total from 6am until 8pm. Nice!!!! That was a few calories burned.

rattling the barsI had an epiphany! Ok, maybe it was an epiphanette. I could and can control my cravings. I can stop eating when I’m full. I can put both hands on the bars and shake really hard.

Sunday was the icing on the ugly cake. Norm and I went to two car shows. One small one of classics where he nearly put an offer in on a ’73 Challenger (and I almost encouraged him to do it). The other was Deuce Days in downtown Victoria. There were over 1000 Ford 1932 cars and assorted other antique/classic/collectible cars with all kinds of streets closed so I had to, repeat, HAD TO to walk for miles. And, I loved every minute of it. I think I got more than my walk in on Sunday.

Today is Monday and I’ve already spent an hour weeding the garden. I hate to say it but I’m beginning to like the incidental exercise. So, now, I’ll drink my first litre of water for the day and do some tidying up. Washing the hand dishes should get the last of the dirt out from under my nails that the shower just couldn’t reach. Thanks for listening. I think I may get some time off from my jail for good behaviour?

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

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