Picnicing in the Name of Exercise – or Not

The Great Canadian Maple Sugar Leaf

The Great Canadian Maple Sugar Leaf

Yesterday was the Sunday of the Canada Day long weekend and I wanted a picnic. I could even work in some exercise. Yes, I’m working on one of my goals for the summer – to do a walk everyday. I know I walk everyday but it’s not a “Walk”. So, I came up with a nice solution for Sunday.

We went to Sidney for a town-long sidewalk sale that would end at the “nice” grocery store where we would pick up good foods and then go to Island View Beach where we would eat our “picnic” then walk the beach – both ways. This would result (based on research gained on previous trips to Sidney and Island View Beach) in 1 1/2 hours of pure walking.

I know it sounds lazy and wrong to buy our picnic but I thought this would be a great incentive for me and would not involve making sandwiches I cannot/will not eat. We could buy humous, fruit, salami, deli salads, a nice bun or two for Norm and special waters. But, we didn’t make into the grocery store. We came upon Fifth Street. And right there was  Fish on Fifth and we thought, “Hmm, that would nice for lunch!” But it was 20 to 12 and they didn’t open until noon. Sigh, no Fish on Fifth. Then Norm said, “How about that place we went for breakfast last month?” All thoughts of humous on the beach went out of my mind. Yes, I was out of my mind.

Sea Glass is a wonderful restaurant – fresh food, lots of it, for an amazingly reasonable price. So, no picnic. But, honestly, the crab and langoustine salad was wonderful. Normally it’s on a Portuguese roll but they had no problem putting it on their spring green salad. I passed up the fries, too. I did have a beer. My treat for the day.

After the surprise lunch we did go to Island view beach and walked then sat in the sun. Mount Baker was in the background behind the Gulf  and San Juan Islands. The water was wonderful – that special BC cool Pacific. We had started out at 10 in the morning and got home after 3. It was a glorious Sunday and I felt incredibly good about my exercise and even my beer. But today is another day.

It’s Canada Day and I haven’t figured out what I will do to top yesterday for my walk. Norm has to work (the joys of self-employment), Shauna is at Tall Tree in Port Renfrew and I think Leanne has to work. I’ll maybe make way downtown to see all the things going on down there. I figure an hour or two of walking around could do the trick.

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane


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