Chocolate Fountains Should Be Outlawed!

edding gazebo

Where the ceremony took place.

I went to a wedding Saturday. A man, who I babysat through preschool, was marrying the love of his life. It was beautiful and everyone was so happy and full of love. It took place outdoors by the ocean. A bald eagle even showed up and stayed until the end of the ceremony. It was a beautiful civil ceremony, short and oh – so – sweet, but then came – dun – dun – dah…the reception.

We got seated at a table with people our own age, while our daughters were on the other side of the room with people their own age. I felt like a very old soccer mom and, with the parents of the kids my kids went to school with; played soccer with and generally hung out in the valley with, I was an old soccer mom.

I did like where we were seated because it was next to the buffet. It was a nice spread and I was so good with my food choices: salad, veggies, Calabrese salad, salmon and one slice of roast beef. I ate slowly and enjoyed every mouthful. I conversed with my table mates and enjoyed the atmosphere. Then came dessert. It was also a little buffet with two types of tortes, tiny cupcakes and a wonderful platter of fruit. But…dun – dun – dah…crowning the  table was a fountain of chocolate. I love chocolate. But I’m also taking a course called “Craving Change” and my last assignment was to fight the craving. I didn’t know how long I could hold back. I filled my very little plate with strawberries, melon and fresh pineapple. It was nice. I got to talk to people and savour the bright, sweetness of fresh fruit. But…there, in the corner I could see that no-one was at the chocolate fountain.fountain3

The speeches were over, the first dance was done and there it was, rich chocolate cascading over the bowls calling me to come and taste it. Just taste it! So I sidled over to the dessert table to see what fruit was left and saw only a few pieces of melon, some pineapple and a bowl of marshmallows. So, I skewered a chuck of pineapple and ran it under the chocolate until it was completely enrobed in richness. I then put it on my plate and slowly backed away. I could smell the rich sweetness and made it all the way back to our table and placed it there. I sat down and looked at the glossy brownness of this treat. I picked up the wooden pick and lifted the  morsel to my mouth. WOW! The juicy tartness of pineapple was glorifies by that rich milk chocolaty goodness. I swear I made that piece of chocolate fruit last three full minutes. It was messy and I had to lick my lips to get the last bit cleaned up. No napkin was going to deprive me of my last pleasurable drop of that chocolate. I’m glad I did it. I would do it again. But…dun – dun – dah…now I had to resist for the rest of the night.

I did it. But these thing should be outlawed. The mess, the expense, the death of so many diets…they are a menace. I know now, that I can hold myself to only one piece of fruit coated in that rich velvety heaven but how can others. They do not have my training, my fortitude, my doctor weighing me on Wednesday! Sigh. PS. Dancing helps.

Congratulations Greg and Chantelle! Thanks to all of you for listening. Diane

The Prestige Hotel in beautiful Sooke, BC

The Prestige Hotel in beautiful Sooke, BC

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