Curbing MY Carbs! More of the No White Food Diet

As most of you who know me I follow the No White Food Diet“. Well I try to, when I’m not pizza-loading. It’s my adaptation of the Diabetic Plan, the Portion Plan and the Paleo Diet. This morning my email message from Sparkpeople was an easy way to count carbs: The Plate Method.

Spark D Diabetes Control Centre

An easy alternative to counting carbs
While carbohydrate counting is the most common meal planning system for people with diabetes, there is another even simpler technique you can use to plan your meals and snacks: the plate method. While you should follow the guidelines given to you by your doctor or diabetes educator, the plate method allows you to visually evaluate the carbohydrates in your meal and the overall nutritional balance in five easy steps:

  • Step #1: Start with a nine-inch plate. Take a ruler and measure across your plate to make sure it is not too large.

  • Step #2: Fill one-half of the plate with non-starchy vegetables, either cooked or raw. Fill one-fourth of the plate with a serving of protein. Fill the last fourth of the plate with a carbohydrate-rich food (1 carb serving is 15 grams).

  • Step #3: Add 1 cup (8 fl oz) of low-fat milk or 1 container (6-8 oz) of light yogurt to your meal (1 carb serving is 15 grams).

  • Step #4: Select one serving of fruit to go along with your meal (1 carb serving is 15 grams).

  • Step #5: Complete your meal with one or two servings of healthy fats. This could be a tablespoon of salad dressing, 1 or 2 teaspoons of olive oil used to saute vegetables or a teaspoon of mayonnaise for a sandwich.This simple plate method works well when you dine out, eat at a party, or aren’t able to read labels to count carbs, but be sure to discuss the plate method with your doctor first.

These 5 steps make it so easy. I’ve been dieting for years and have tried almost every diet, plan or supplement available – short of actually limiting my food and exercising. But this makes sense and works with the Canada Food Guide, my diabetes control plan )I’m not going there!!!!) and my love of toys. Portion Plate

You can get a plate that helps you do this. Cool! Of course this plate doesn’t work if you have a stir fry or stew, but you could put the stuff on here before you cook it to measure it. It works.

I saw my Dr. yesterday and I was down a kilo! (Insert cheers here!) But… that was the promise I made the last time I was in to see her and I was up a kilo (Insert boos here!). I’m still trying. I’m working on it. Not with a passion but with a plodding insistence on losing weight. I’ll get there. I have so much motivation but there is always that fear of success. If I lose all, or even most, of my excess weight, will I have to do something earth-shattering? Or can I just retire and just sit around?? Good question. Oh well, I’m off to face the day.

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

Remember when…

Car vs Carbs

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on June 6, 2013.

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  1. How do I order one of these plates

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