I’m Not Fat – Just a Little Husky

I'm huskey puppyIt’s amazing what some people call fat. This past weekend, with five other women of a “certain age”, we shared what we’ve been going through with our developing bodies and health. For a bunch of maturing women we are amazingly healthy. One of us lost 10 pounds on a 28-day Pacific cruise. Who hell loses weight on a cruise????? My friend does – she says it’s all the walking. But another of us was called “obese” by her doctor If she is obese I must be “zeppelin”. At least I’m not morbidly zeppelin.

I remember the height and weight charts used from the 60’s and into the 80’s. They always gave women’s height in 2 inch heels. Really???? I could never figure that one out except that it always allowed me to say I was over 5 foot 5. It turns out these were insurance actuary numbers. These were the numbers invented by the life insurance people so that they could charge more if there were health issues and fat was/is considered a health issue.  But now-a-days it’s based on your BMI (body mass index).

We also know that women over 50 are thicker – around the waist – not in the head. Babies can do that to you. But our health can change as we age. We become more reliant on our doctors and how they view us and our health. I really respect my doctor, Michelle Fretz. We’ve known each other for many, many years. I know she cares about me and looks into what my needs are and what treatments, or care regimens would be good for me. She has gone out on many a limb to get me the care I needed. But I see other doctors that are worrisome. They are overworked and unsupported by a system that is not focused on care but $$$$. I truly care about my friends and want them to live a very long time. Our mental health is as important as our physical health. We know happiness helps people get and stay healthy. So don’t call us names.love my body

That goes for everyone out there. Size is relative and the words attached to it can be hurtful and damaging. If you have a problem with my weight, talk to me. Runway models are told they are fat if they get bigger than a size 2. I’ve been “fat” most of my life and have come to accept it. But it was hard to hear people say things about my size (still considerable) even after I lost 70 pounds. Kids made fun of my nephew in school because of his puffy face and hands. Kids called him fat, he was on steroids while being treated for leukaemia. Cruel and unfeeling. If you have problem with my weight, it’s your problem. I’ll deal with my health which may be connected with my weight or not.

Well, I’ve had my rant. I’ going to work on what I like about my appearance. For most of my life there wasn’t much I liked about how I looked, but, I have cool eyes. One is blue and one is green, not dark green but if you look at them you can see the difference. That’s cool. I like my ears and earlobes. I like my toes and adorn them with really cool nail polish all the time. So there Public!

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on May 27, 2013.

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