Get-Away Guilt!

It's all about love and friendship, not calories!!!

It’s all about love and friendship, not calories!!!

I have a get-away guilt puppy this morning. I went away on a “Girls’ Weekend” to Saltspring Island” with five of my closest and oldest (in duration, not age!!!!!!) friends. It was a milestone marker for two of the group and much fun and relaxation for the rest of us. Three from the Island, three from the mainland (Calgary and Hope) and we met in the middle of the Gulf Islands.

But the guilt!!! I did not get to spend my daughter’s birthday with her. I didn’t want to leave Norm alone so he went to Calgary for a “Guys’ Weekend”, one of the husbands there even got a beer keg fridge for the occasion (he said). So, I didn’t have too much guilt over leaving Norm.But…I did take extra days off work on either end of the weekend and others had to pick up my slack. I ate and drank too much. I did not do all the walking I had promised myself I would do. I had even packed my walking poles but Hummingbird Hill B&B had way too many very long hills.

I did climb a significant hill each night to sleep in a Japanese teahouse (it was so cool). And I didn’t eat any “bad” snacks. We had gone to two wineries, a brewery and the Saltspring Island Cheese Factory. So, crackers, goat cheese, pork pepperoni, hummus, oatmeal cookies, beer and wine were snacks of the day.

OK, I just got back from my Dr’s appointment. I did gain a little weight but…Michelle said that it was OK because I was supposed to have fun. We had a wonderful talk about sharing with our friends and that I was a “smart” woman and I know what to do. She’s right! So now, I’m not feeling quite so guilty and can start right back at it.

Food and exercise journal, here I come. Thanks for listening.  ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on May 22, 2013.

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