Guess What? The Fat Gene is also The Couch Potato Gene!

fat geneGuess what? There is a couch potato gene and I’ve got it. Seriously, I saw it on the news and then when I looked it up, there are all kinds of articles about the FTO gene. And it turns out the FTO gene is also the obesity gene. What am I supposed to do when it’s in my genes (and my jeans)?

I always wondered why it was so hard for me to get into exercise. I know I feel better when I do it and I know it will help prolong my life in a good way. I’ve even had the “euphoric” feeling after exercise. The people who are looking at the study and then putting people with the FTO gene on an exercise program say that people with the gene feel an amazing sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction after exercise. But…even this huge positive outcome does not make getting to the exercise any easier. Sigh! I definitely have it.

I know I have the FTO gene because my husband and I can eat exactly the same things (good-for-you, low-calorie etc.) and he will lose weight but I will gain. I probably started life with a bigger BMI. All my siblings have it, my Mom had it etc… The good news? Neither of my kids have it. They love exercise. They do it for fun!!!!! I will admit that if it wasn’t for them and a couple of close friends, I wouldn’t get any exercise.

Of course this is not an excuse, it’s a reason and, we all know, that if you know the reason something is happening (or in my case, not happening), you can adjust to it. I am not lazy, my genes are. My surgeon told me to add an exercise journal to my food journal. Well, that definitely helps. I’m counting the incidental exercise and try to wear my pedometer everywhere. Is nodding an exercise? Dancing is. I’ll dance more.

Well. I’m off to girl’s weekend today. Six mid-life-adjustment women celebrating the passage into the “New 40” of two of us. I left the food choices up to Lynn so I know we’ll be eating healthy and we’ll be on Saltspring Island, and that’s inspiration in itself. I packed my walking sticks so I had better use them. I did make the birthday carrot cake, but a tiny slice won’t hurt me too much if I avoid the potato chips which no packed, right?

I’m putting my newest “dance-walking” fave on the bottom of this post. Inez and Dancing on the Run.

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on May 18, 2013.

2 Responses to “Guess What? The Fat Gene is also The Couch Potato Gene!”

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  2. […] (notice, they are “reasons” not excuses) I have a hard time exercising. I have the FTO gene; my right knee is shot with osteoarthritis; I have artificial hips and a fear of falling; my […]

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