Juice Fast vs Pizza

I saw the doctors last Wednesday and I’m not gaining but I’m also not losing. Sigh. My BMI (body mass index) is up meaning I’m more fat than muscle compared to February 2012. It’s April 2013 for freak’s sake! The good news? The scales at each doctor’s office (professional digital and BMI) give exactly the same reading. My home scale (a la Walmart) is only off by a half a pound on the little dial and needle thingy. I will continue to weigh myself at home only once a week. More than that and I become a monster to myself and others.

Dr Amson gave me a few things to do including adding an activity journal to my food journal. Half to one hour of focused activity per day. Damn, not including the incidental, even though he thought it was a fabulous idea to wear my pedometer all the time. He also started to show me the trailer for a movie called “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead”. I watched it. It was really good and pumped up the motivation and enjoyed seeing the passion and success for other people. me, I cannot do a juice fast. It isn’t pizza. I tried one many, many years ago. I am making broth or cup-a-soup when I get one of those salty snack or “fill me up” cravings. It works most of the time, but they aren’t pizza either.

Have a look at the trailer and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

If you like this go to YouTube and watch the whole movie.

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on April 24, 2013.

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