Dreaming About Food

sleeping_penguin_dreaming_about_fish_sticker-rd07b2f8a0d5e451a8a68b5f22e049aaf_v9waf_8byvr_512I actually had a dream last night about what I was going to eat for breakfast. Seriously, what the hell is going on in my head? I’ve spent the last few days in great pain and discomfort with a mild intestinal blockage. I’m doing a little better now and I can move around and function. I’ve been living on soup. I couldn’t even drink my coffee yesterday, it tasted funny. And we all know that when something tastes funny we shouldn’t consume it, right?

I was dreaming about Special K with cream and brown sugar – not milk but cream. Then it was about hot Red River cereal with cream and brown sugar or maple syrup. Maybe I should just have a spoon of brown sugar? But the last part of the dream I was stirring Alpen cereal into some lemon, 6%, Greek yogurt. Sigh, who dreams about yogurt? Alpen

I guess our minds delve deep into our desires, fears and lusts. And for some reason, my mind wanted me to think about breakfast not pizza or Ryan Reynolds. I will have some yogurt for breakfast. I’m going to stick to soft foods for a day or two. I think my insides very bruised and sore. I don’t want to ignore this lesson my body is giving me.

I don’t dream about food normally. In fact, I don’t remember ever dreaming about any food except the smell of popcorn. It’s the smell of my safe place. But I will take the cream and brown sugar under advisement.

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

Ryan Reynolds for breakfast would be quite OK.

Ryan Reynolds for breakfast would be quite OK.

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on April 9, 2013.

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