Dr Dee, The Alternative Health Ego

I just won a contest on The Natural Health Show on the radio. My nephew, Michael Carey, is a personal trainer and so much more, and he was talking about being active for health.  They asked for success stories and mine won. It was about starting with basics like chair exercises and walking. I wrote about incidental exercise and how every step counts. They do. I guess I can look at myself as a success. I could also see myself going into Dr Dee mode.

Dr Dee

Dr Dee

I realized the other day that I slide into the Dr Dee persona without even thinking about it. Someone was talking about using natural substances (not all of them legal) for self-medication and I went into a mini-lecture about willow bark as a tea for a multitude of issues like, headaches, arthritis pain, inflammation,washing your face to calm acne etc. Willow is a natural source of salicylic acid, the active ingredient in aspirin and most over the counter acne treatments. Hmm, I’m doing it again.

know-it-all-cartoonIt is one of my foibles to be a know-it-all and Dr Dee helps me share my vast stock of health and medical-related knowledge (also known as med-is-trivia). I know a lot about herbs, aroma essences, nutrition and supplements. I even know a bit about the plants that grow wild here on southern Vancouver Island. I work with the W̱SÁNEĆ people and I’ve learned a lot from them. There’s a wonderful plant called ₭EXMIN (Indian Consumption Plant, lomatium nudicaule) that is a powerful anti-viral and can help TB, headaches, flu, etc and if you are a smoker or a singer, the seeds help your throat if you chew them. They kinda taste like celery. It even grows near where I live so I’ve collected the seeds and spared the plants so they can continue to live – there I’m doing it again.

Sweet potatoes (real sweet potatoes, not yams) help women deal with menopause symptoms. Turmeric and cinnamon (real cinnamon) can help with high blood pressure and St John’s Wort helps regulate the mood of people with depression. I love that because it’s a common ground cover around here.  I also know that if you eat 6 small meals a day at regular times your pancreas will love you and your blood sugar will be more normal.  Sigh.

Then there’s the evil side of Dr Dee. She knows (and will share to anyone whether they want to know or not) all about the evils of drugs (and alcohol is the evilest  of drugs); sex before you’re mature (and that goes for most of the people engaging in the activity, and you can get pregnant);what pop does to you (even the sugar-free stuff); and plants that can kill you. Yep, Dr Dee and I know things you can do with hemlock, castor beans, nightshade and the little root buds in the eyes of potatoes. Look out husband!!!! Sadly, none of these help with weight loss.

Dr Dee reads the newspaper and remarks on every common sense scientific research “breakthrough” like eating portions that are big may make you gain weight. Seriously! It was in the paper. And there’s always the trendy food or supplement of the month. Cinnamon is the new vanilla or acai berries are an appetite suppressant (Myth, and blue berries have the same amount or more antioxidants in them!). The internet and Google have helped Dr Dee learn even more about things like STI’s, Vitamin K deficiency, BDD (body dysmorphia disorder) and the recipe for flavoured water.

I like Dr Dee and probably should (Yes, I do occasionally “should” on myself.) listen to her sometimes. But I honestly do not know one person that lost weight through acupuncture – pain gone ,yes, but not pounds.

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on April 6, 2013.

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