I Can’t Stop Eating!

Squirrel with big cheeks

How I feel!

I have a doctor appointment today. That means a weigh-in. It’s been 3 weeks. I’m not even worried because I know I’ve gained weight.

I have been ever-eating for almost all 21 days of the last three weeks. Sigh. Throw in a grown-up getaway, an Easter Turkey, home-made strawberry shortcake with REAL whipped cream, some really, really good wine…..I couldn’t shut it off.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a couple of good days, lots of walking (well, maybe not LOTS by other people’s standards but lots by my old history) and teaching all about nutrition and portion control.

Fat Groundhog

How I Feel Teaching
Food and Nutrition

Yeah, I teach a food and nutrition class. I KNOW about calories, nutritional content, the Canada Food Guide and portion size. And knowing about portion size means I know about portion control. But I figured a way around that. My portions at a sitting are very appropriate for someone on a limited calorie diet. But… (Isn’t there always a but, and sometimes it’s just me being a butt!) I have unlimited capacity to ever eat and it usually doesn’t occur at a “sitting”. A handful of this here or a piece of that there or just a small (yes, I have two sizes of snack bowls and I chose the small one) ofHickory Sticks on the deck with a book, a large mug of water and sunshine. I have been enjoying bread and I don’t normally eat bread because my tummy doesn’t like and gets all stuffed up. But I got some amazing challah and as toast it is glorious and it makes killer french toast and throw in the real maple syrup…. You can see what I have been putting myself through!

I suffer! Oh, how I suffer!

But, today is a new day. I will be weighed and there will be shared sighs and a commitment on my part to buckle down again and live the life I advise all people who want to be healthy weight to live. I will journal. Again. Yes, it slipped away as my evereating took over. I believe the middle of the week is a good day to re-start my commitment to me.

I will take the leftover bread down to the lagoon and feed the geese, swans and ducks. I’ll even feed the seagulls if they are nice to me. I will walk the length of the beach because walking in the sand is so good for all of my body and being.

Dancing squirrelMaybe I’ll even dance walk! Yeah, that sounds good at 7am! Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on April 3, 2013.

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