Thinspiration – More Reasons I Can Give Myself

I just watched this video and related.  

Because I’m empressed-sized, things like this can happen. It’s almost like watching a YouTube video about Walmart People. (Don’t do it! It’s like watching a train wreck. You can’t not look.) I have had wardrobe malfunctions and embarrassing things like the toilet paper that follows you out of the washroom.

I believe that some of us large people do not realize that some things do not look good on us. I bought a bunch of great tank tops in all kinds of colours to go under shirts and sweaters so I look stylish but they hide the multitude of sins. But the last time I wore one, a beautiful azure blue one under a great grey sweater I realized m y husband was looking at me funny. he was not looking me in the face. He was looking down. Then he began motioning with his head towards my waist line (yes, I now have a waist line). I felt with my hands and felt bare skin. Holy crap! My tank had rolled up from my pants line to under my bra. I have a selection of interesting (OK, shocking) scars on my midriff. I pulled the top down and went and changed. I could have traumatized a whole selection of adult students with a small wardrobe/tummy fiasco.

I need to lose more weight so that I can have a much flatter tummy area. Lycra and spandex are not my friends. A little bit of overage in the body fat department is no secret to those two.


So, on that note, I will go and check my wardrobe for loose, flattering, SAFE, clothes for me to wear and I will take some inspiration to get thinner to be able to wear all those great clothes without worrying whether or not they will: ride up; be see through; roll down; squish things out the top or bottom; or create new lines on my silhouette, I have a new thinspriation!

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on April 1, 2013.

One Response to “Thinspiration – More Reasons I Can Give Myself”

  1. When I do the math ~ that would be 7000 jumpnig jacks to lose one pound!! 2 jumpnig jacks = 1 calorie. 1000 jumpnig jacks = 500 calories. 500 calories x 7 (which would be 7000 jumpnig jacks) = 3500 calories. Which would equal 1 pound!!!

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