Loving Yourself: My Body Pledge of Allegiance

Loving Yourself: My Body Pledge of Allegiance

From Sharon at SparksPeople. I agree with every one of her pledges.

I have decided that it is my desire and conscious CHOICE to walk through each step of this journey ahead of me by honoring and respecting the body given to me. I have been thinking and reflecting as I have blogged and researched this month about what I have read and written. It got me to thinking – What better goal can we set for ourselves than to be our own cheerleader and champion? Below you’ll find my Pledge of Allegiance to Myself that I have been working on throughout this month as I have engaged in the introspection of myself.My Body Pledge of Allegiance:Today, I vow to start loving my body – no matter how I am feeling, how I look, and wherever I am in my journey.

I promise to stop the self- criticism, negative self talk, and to be present in each moment to stop and acknowledge my negative thoughts, and how I am feeling. This will help me realize that almost everything my inner critic says is not true, and to change my beliefs.

I pledge to never again to participate in a barrage of bashing of myself. This includes picking myself apart when I make an error in judgment or a mistake – no matter how big or small.

I promise to begin treating my body with respect by feeding it what it needs, and taking care of it so it can function as efficiently as it can – no matter what my age.

I promise to recognize that I can only ask so much of my body, and that it deserves to sleep and rest in order to prepare for the next day, and I will honor by giving it at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

I promise not to consciously or unconsciously compare my body to others.

I promise not to be influenced by the media, or the fashion industry in what makes a woman beautiful, or the right size. I know that the media does not set the standards for beauty or my self esteem, and is there only to further their own agendas, and line their pocketbooks.

I vow that I will no longer let the scale or a certain size define me.

I promise to recognize that all body types can be beautiful – including mine.

I pledge to recognize my strengths, achievements, and attractiveness. I will affirm to myself every day that I am wonderful just as I am in that moment.

I promise not to criticize myself, punish myself, or feel guilty when I make a mistake. I am human, not perfect; I know that my mistakes are a way to help me learn, which then helps me become stronger.

I pledge to be true to myself and others because it is who I wish to be.

I promise to stand up, and speak up for myself and others when I hear something harmful or emotionally demeaning said. We all deserve the respect and love of others.

I vow that I will remember that I deserve to love myself right here and right now – in every moment.

Today, and every day from here forward, these are my choices!

It has been my goal this month to help you discover, along with me, how to love yourself more. I have only one question for you now. Are you ready to sign a pledge to be your own body champion?

Pledge your desire to champion yourself by saying so in the comments section below, and sharing with us which statement(s) you will embrace, and then adding your name to the list below. It can be one, a few, or all of them; whatever you feel is pertinent to you at this time of your life.

If you feel strong enough about this endeavor and pledge, I respectively request that you send the link to this blog to your Spark Friends who you think might be interested in championing themselves, or just hit the button “Share This Page With Others”.

Thanks for listening. D; Diane

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