Why Does Feeling So Good feel So Bad?

This was the view from our room at the Tin Wis Resort in Tofino. Sigh! The sun came out for us and we watched the sun set after a glorious walk on the beach.
18-03-13 Tin Wis sunset 8

Norm and I went for three nights and days to Tofino and Ucluelet. Our own west coast is soooo beautiful and it was the Whale Festival. We didn’t see any live  grey whales (they’re migrating) or killer whales (they’re all off chasing the salmon chasing the herring run). But I got much done: beach walking, storm watching, surf avoidance, sun burn, story sharing, photography and reading. It was a nice spring break but along with not being at home comes eating out.

Out of a possible 11 meals away from home 5 were at restaurants and included such delicacies as burgers, steak, bannock, falafel, and curry chicken. The curry chicken is an island favourite. I make Norm stop at the Haida Way Restaurant every trip up or down island. There is nothing healthy about this massive plate of fried breaded chicken and fries smothered in curry gravy, but it feeds me for at least 3 meals.

Bannock (scow bread)


So, you can see how guilty I feel about the restaurant food but wait ’til I tell you about what we brought with us for cooking in suite. We had an amazing room with a king bed, a fireplace, a balcony overlooking MacKenzie Beach and the grounds, and a kitchenette. So..beer, wine, strawberries, microwave popcorn, wings (there was hockey on), frozen waffles,Peek Frean Cookies, bacon, bread, tomatoes (for toasted tomato-bacon sandwiches, which we ate for two meals) and a can of whipped cream (FOR THE STRAWBERRIES, JUST THE STRAWBERRIES!).

Guilty at Play!

Guilty at Play!

We did not want to starve. In fact, even with the early morning walks on the beach before Norm got up, I ate too much and did not seem to burn much off. In Ucluelet we took a breathtaking walk up near the Coast Guard centre. It was the beginning of a storm so the wind at the shore side of the trail was incredibly strong and whipped us soundly. But the trail meandered into the woods and up and down, I got a good aerobic workout with the climbs and my walking poles. We even got to see a nesting bald eagle.  But back at the room, we were going to stay in and eat. So wings! Oh oh! there’s no oven just a stove top and a microwave. Improvise, right? It takes a lot of time and much checking and stirring to cook a bunch of honey garlic wings from a frozen state. But it worked and they were glorious. And the guilt is still with me even though I made Norm eat most of them.

Bacon, mimosas, whipped cream and extra buttery popcorn made the weekend romantic, fun and very relaxing but the guilt puppies came in from playing as soon as I got home. I weighed myself and the guilt puppy bit me big time. So I unpacked the laundry and leftovers (some whipped cream, coffee and cookies) and made a salad for our supper. Norm thanked me, saying he was tired of eating all that junk food. I wasn’t tired, I always crave more and more.

Ucluelet Magic

Ucluelet Magic

I felt and still feel really good after the break away from home for a few days and the incredible trip up island (5 hours of driving is not just a day trip). I take for granted how lucky we are living where we do. I love the feel of the wind and surf on my face and glory in the sun rising and setting in all its splendour. It leaves me breathless.

So, “Welcome Spring!” I’ll roll back onto my regimen and take those guilt puppies for a long walk and breathe in all the positive goodness I got. Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

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