What’s Crueler Than a Cruller?

*Note – this blog entry was started last Monday so I decided to finish it anyways. I kept the days I started with. Sorry for any confusion I may be causing – I sure had some trying to update and fix it, so, this is how it is. I finished it on Saturday.

It’s Monday of a new week. Of course it’s a new week, we haven’t had a used one for a long time. I’m sitting at the kitchen table wondering what wonder Ang will make for lunch today or what can I bring/make for myself.  Hmmmm?

Ang always has salad so I could just bring something to go with it. I have a carton of Carrot Ginger soup that I could have along with some cheese. Also, I left some amazing goat brie at work. I’m sure glad we have a fridge in the staff room. I made meat loaf last night so I could bring a couple of slices of that and salad on the side. That would work.

tatet totsI’m back off the rice/pasta/potatoes (why? to follow) so I made Tater Tots for Norm’s “starch” part of his complete “balanced” meal. I was brought up, thanks to old school (literally) Home Ec class, to create beautiful, balanced meals. There had to be a meat serving, two different coloured vegetables and a starch. I had meatloaf, pickled beets and salad.  But that’s not what happen earlier yesterday…..

I went for a walk with my daughter, Shauna. She’s been trying to get me to walk around Langford Lake for years but with all my hip issues I couldn’t get very far. Last year when I fell then unseated my artificial hip I was disabled for over 10 months. It’s all fixed and I can walk now. My other daughter, Leanne, gave me a set of walking poles for Christmas but I haven’t used them enough. So off we went with me, my poles and a mild rain. Sigh! We got halfway around to the end of the trail and boardwalk. We had two choices, finish the circuit by going through the residential area then down Goldstream Avenue or turn around and enjoy the trails, lake and boardwalks. It was a no-brainer and we had done 4.3 kilometres by the time we reached the car. Not too bad. What to do next? There’s a Tim Horton’s on the road to my house so we stopped for steeped tea – Tim’s does a wonderful steeped tea. Then Shauna ordered a multi-grain bagel with garlic herb cream cheese…mmmm…me too. Then she asked for a Boston Cream donut. Oh My Goodness – they were just putting a fresh tray of crullers into the show case. So, I had to have one of those, too.

This is a Tim Horton's crueler - can you think of anything crueler than this???

This is a Tim Horton’s cruller – can you think of anything crueler than this???

I suffered the carb overload and muscle recovery for the following 24 hours. I had avoided the Tater Tots at supper and toast for breakfast but the sludge was already in my belly. How cruel is life and the good tasting things in it. Grapes are nice but they’re not a cruller. A ruby-red grapefruit makes a glorious breakfast but it’s not a cruller. I had undone all the good my walk did by eating all that white flour based – tasty – goodness at Tim’s. Sigh, next time.

Thanks for your listening and your patience. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on March 16, 2013.

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