While I’m Weighting

magazinesI was in my Dr’s office the other day awaiting my bi-weekly weigh-in when I realized there were no girly magazines in the waiting room. There were only health-related brochures and car magazines. CAR MAGAZINES! What am I supposed to do? Where were the homey magazines with all the amazing recipes and quick weigh-loss diets in them?  In the uptown waiting rooms there are at least “Gourmet”, “Yachting” and “Architectural Digest”. I’m in Langford so I expect “Canadian Living”, “People” and the odd “Cosmo”. I reduced to reading on how to recognize whether of not you have an STI. “What the heck is an STI?” you ask. When I was growing up and we were having those all-girl and all-boy meetings in the gym with the big divider curtain drawn to separate us, these were called venereal diseases. When my kids were growing up they were called STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). Now they are called STIs – Sexually Transmitted Infections. Sigh..the world is a scary place.  Enough of this talk, it has nothing to do with my weigh-in .

PlateauI lost weight! I am now just below my pre-Christmas weight. Yay!!!!!!! Now I have to keep going. I have set another goal. There is a weight I just can’t seem to get below. I’m tired of waiting. I’ve hovered over it and for these next two weeks I will get below it and break the “plateau curse”. A plateau is where you are doing all the right things to lose weight but you can’t seem to lose the next bit. It’s where your metabolism is adjusting to your lower in take of calories. It’s just trying to be efficient and make sure you don’t starve. Your metabolism is protecting your fat reserves. Sigh (even bigger this time)!!! I figure if we ever have a famine in North America, I’ll be one of the last people alive because of my efficient (damn it) metabolism. So, I’ll work on a more protein rich diet this week and lots of walking along with the incidental exercise.

I’m going to attach the link to Foreigner’s “Waiting For a Girl Like You”. My husband brought the album home for me many years ago when we were just married but mostly because I’m waiting for a girl like me and there’s no magazines in my weighting room. Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on March 9, 2013.

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