A Judgement Day – Facing the Scale

scary scaleI get to see my doctor today and I always get weighed every time I go there. She has an electronic digital scale that shows the weight in pounds and kilos. I wish in pounds what it says in kilos. There are 2.2 pounds to every kilo. Sigh.

I’m already judging myself. I’ve been “Diane-kind-of-good” these past 2 weeks. Low “bad” carbs and lots of protein, vegetables, ruby-red grapefruit and grapes. I did do pizza on Friday “take-out” night (thin multi grain crust, though) but it’ll be BBQ chicken and salads this week.

mangoWe are very lucky to have free lunches four days a week and our lunch lady, Ang, is a vegetarian who also cooks meat so things are very healthy. We have a salad bar and any starch on the plate is whole grain or potatoes. We get bread donations from a wonderful local bakery called Breadstuffs and twice a week we are gifted with a large variety of bread, scones and buns. I donate my  home-grown sprouts! So, for my lunch, I usually bring soup and fruit. But sometimes I bring a cooked chicken breast to put on a salad with some type of wonderful dressing. This week it was Ang’s salad, Tandoori chicken with atualfo mango topped off with President’s Choice Pineapple Curry dressing. OMG it was so glorious and almost no bad carbs!!!!!!! And walking with my sticks and without. I did some incidental exercise this week, too. We’re culling the library.

So, I can almost feel good, but I can’t until after standing on the scale. I also can’t believe  I’m still worried about all this. But maybe that’s what keeps me keeping on. And I know Dr. Fretz won’t be hard on me. She likes bacon as a treat once in a while, too.

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane


~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on March 6, 2013.

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