Weighty Adverteasing

Damn! Why do they do it? THEY put all these high-definition commercials  for the most amazing food on TV right when I’m plunked in front of it, then…they put the weight loss adverts on right after! It’s bad enough that I’m sitting on my ass, I don’t need visual triggers that make my mouth water!

Truth In Advertising?

Truth In Advertising?

Of course the Broadcasting Corporations offset this torture with wonderful ads by Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. Sigh! It is a vicious cycle. I want to look like Jennifer Hudson. Maybe if I looked like her I could sing like her, too. Sigh!

Maybe if ads for food and restaurants also gave calorie or nutritional data. May be we would be healthier.

It’s torture to watch. It does encourage me to turn the TV off and do some sort of aerobic exercise. But, then I miss the good (and guilty pleasure) shows I watch. And it isn’t just TV’s adverteasing, it’s everywhere. Magazines, newspapers, billboards, transit ads… I’m over whelmed. Have you ever driven down the highway behind a McDonald’s semi truck??? It’s covered with food.

Enough already. I’m going to have some great coffee and a carb-free omelet. I’m going to go for a walk and post this post. I’ll turn on the TV much later and only watch shows I PVR’d and fast forward through ALL the ads! But if I happen to spot a pizza ad, I may slow down and drool a wee bit. I’m mentally working on a very low carb crust alternative that isn’t eggs. I will fulfill my desires but with weight adverteasing.

And this message is for Special K, “You used to be low in calories, and now you offer smaller portions (read the side of the box – you’ll get it) and higher carb cereal and push it off as DIET FOOD with you red dress girl with that smarmy attitude. STOP IT!!!!”

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on February 27, 2013.

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