50 Shades of Beige – Rewarding Bad Behavior

santaI did it! Yes, I rewarded my own bad behaviour. I even did it in more than one way.

First, I bought 4 tins of Botticelli Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle Santas. THEY WERE ON CLEARANCE!!!!! Usually $4.99 they were clearing for 50¢ a tin. I bought four. I figured I would give them to Norm and the girls. Well, I gave a tin to Leanne then, in a moment of sensual weakness, I ate Santa. he tasted soooo good – just that right balance of quality chocolate and the salty-sweet goodness of peanut butter. Sigh! I had good intentions. I was supposed to stay on my diet this weekend. But I went astray. Bad girl!!!!!

Secondly, since I have not lost all my Christmas weight gain (yet), I pledged not to buy any new clothes even though some of my pants were beginning to feel like bondage garments. I was trying but…once again the significant “but” I needed to pick up a couple of things like a new hair brush, some L-brackets, paper towels, eggs etc. So, against my better judgement I went to WalMart. I could feel a guilt puppy about to stare me down. I normally try to do all my shopping at a Canadian-based store but everything was in one place at WalMart and it’s in my neighbourhood. I got new face cloths and hand towels. They were on sale. I got my L-brackets and they even came with screws. I got the eggs – large and in a recyclable container for less than $3.

clearanceMy guilt and resolve were lessening by the second. I didn’t have the pizza or cookie samples they were handing out. Who do they think they are, the people’s Costco????? But, there it was – a Clearance sign in the Plus Size Women’s clothing department. This wasn’t just a rollback but a CLEARANCE! I was looking for nice pair of olive-green or beige pants. They are very difficult to find. I can find lots of camo or cargo pants in those colours but I’m always on the lookout for dressier pants. And there they were. My size, petite (meaning I wouldn’t have to re-hem them), with a belt and an enticing shade of beige. It was almost gold and I knew they would go with so much of the warm-coloured wardrobe in my crowded closet. I put them in the cart and wandered around trying to find the paper towels. They weren’t were they were in the old days but in a new place filled with lots of people.

I hate it when people look at you then look at what is in your cart – judging you!!! Judging me? I found a rollback on the paper towels then headed to the Fitting Rooms to try the pants on. Maybe they wouldn’t fit and I could keep true to the promise not to buy new clothes until I lost weight. Not so, they not only fit, they looked pretty good. They had cuffs and fell to a flattering length at my ankles. On a taller woman they would be floods but not on me. I came out of the Fitting Room and the clerk said, “Taking those?” I said, “Yes.” I was so proud of myself I went on, “They’re on for $11!” “Nice deal!” The clerk had rewarded me for my shopping prowess.

50In retrospective I am not repentant. I am proud of my badness, my deviance from the plan. I got some new pants, cheap. Oh, yeah, some chocolate for later, too. Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on January 27, 2013.

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