Another Alter Ego – Dee Smallish and the Cinnamon Bun Bread Pudding

Fighting Crave monster

MOMLITH! Sword Matron Fighting the Crave Monster!

So far, I have a number of alter egos and will use them as I need them. There’s Momlith the Sword Matron fighting off the multitude of Crave Monstsers. And then there’s the tall, svelte, self-confident woman, Christine Durrant. The most influential woman in Langford.

Now, I have to acknowledge Dee Smallish. We all have weakness, so, to be strong and stay on our paths, we must acknowledge our weaknesses and move above them. Dee is weakness incarnate. She is 5 feet tall and weighs over 200 pounds. She is an enabler and motherish to almost everyone.  I want to think she is a neutral alter ego but I truly believe she is passive-destructive as opposed to a passive-aggressive type. She would never send something back to the kitchen in a restaurant, but would complain quietly to all her friends. She keeps chocolate bars in her desk, bedside table and in the back of the kitchen cabinet but doesn’t eat them all at once. Well, almost never.


My vision of Dee Smallish.
Looks harmless, doesn’t she?

You would swear she loves her job, her house, and her life but…..

Dee Smallish is good at twisting things to suit her then repeating them to people to get them to react to them or maybe do something for her. She is a prime manipulator but you will never be able to say what it was she said or did to get you to do thing you did. She will confuse you.

Well, this past week Dee destroyed my diet and resolve. At work, we get donated baked goods from a marvellous local bakery and last Thursday there were 18 large cinnamon buns with cream cheese icing. I did not have one!!!!!! They’re actually for students so I was feeling very righteous about sticking to the low carb plan.  Then on Friday afternoon when I was freezing sliced bread for the toast program and asking students to take stuff home – I found six cinnamon buns that no one wanted.

Sigh, Dee said, “What a waste!” “It’s a shame to waste good cinnamon buns. Imagine what one would taste like, warmed up and with a bit of butter….”

I thought I was going to drown in my own saliva. I took them home and popped them right in my freezer, thinking, out of sight out of mind. Well, I was out of my mind and Dee was in it. I could hear her whispering, “I bet those cinnamon buns would make a wonderful bread pudding.” I LOVE bread pudding. And it is such a wonderful way to keep bread from going mouldy,in the garbage, or to WASTE! I kept fighting her back and she kept at it, just wearing me away…”Bread pudding is full of milk and eggs. It’s good for you. Norm would even like it. You could make it for the girls.”

I got fatNo! I was getting weighed Wednesday morning for the first time since the Christmas and I was going to stick to the plan right up until then.  Oh well. I was up a little from the last time I was weighed but down from my post-Christmas weight. So, I went and did my grocery shopping and as I was buying eggs, Dee wiggled her way back into my head. “Good, you’ve got lots of eggs now, you can try making break pudding with those cinnamon buns. Leanne is coming over for lunch, wouldn’t it be a nice treat? …for both of you…”

bread puddingI did it. I made cinnamon bun bread pudding. These were cinnamon, walnut, raisin and cream cheese icing cinnamon buns. I cut them up, soaked them with eggs, milk and vanilla. I didn’t add any sugar (except for a little brown sugar on top). I even added fresh apples. I baked it in a slow oven for an hour and a half and my house smelled glorious and once again my drool was overwhelming!

And it was delicious. OMG! The carbs and the fat. I didn’t want to even think about it. I figured I could start my diet on Thursday, the next day. Well, I still have half a cinnamon bun bread pudding in my fridge. Norm doesn’t even want to try it. Leanne wouldn’t take any home. And now I’m hearing Dee Smallish whispering in my ear, “Oh, it would be a shame to waste such a beautiful bread pudding, Diane. A little bit won’t hurt. You could have it for breakfast. You should….”

She should on me!!!!!!! That’s it. I will not be manipulated. It’s going in the garbage. Tomorrow. If I don’t have a tiny bit tonight.

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on January 25, 2013.

3 Responses to “Another Alter Ego – Dee Smallish and the Cinnamon Bun Bread Pudding”

  1. Oh no! Bring it over here! Don’t throw it out! 😉 better yet, we’ll come get it! I’m serious Diane.

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