6782 Steps in the Right Direction

YodaYesterday, I racked up 6782 steps on my pedometer. This is so good for me. None of it was “going for a walk” or using my walking poles. I did most of it for my job. I got a very early email that the woman who runs our Health and Nutrition program (Our lunch lady, the fantastic Ang!) at the Learning Centre saying that she wouldn’t be in because of a Grand-daddy migraine. Yikes! I thank the cosmos for not getting those and I wouldn’t wish them on anyone! But..she also included the instructions for the hot lunch for the day. I usually help out with this.

Well, I’ve been putting on my pedometer as soon as I get up and then wearing it all day. I dressed for activity and an x-ray I was scheduled for later in the day. I had on my yoga pants (yes, Empress-sized women can wear yoga pants), a black tank (that I wouldn’t mind getting covered with food etc.), a silk cerise-coloured open tunic (that I could take off and it covers a multitude of sins), socks (I hate wearing socks) and my Adidas runners. I would be getting the lunch ready for approximately 50 people, students and staff. The first group would be finished their class at 11:30 and the last people would be coming up from the gym after 1pm.  And, in the mean time, I would be helping students with their work.


Leo racking up the steps on his pedometer!

Ang said in her email that there were casseroles in the freezer and salad bar stuff in the fridge but maybe not enough lettuce. So, I left home early and started my incidental exercise with the 1/4 mile around the SuperStore getting some salad stuff and a nice dressing for my own salads. Then it was off to work. I parked in the lot not in the handicapped spot so I had to walk 10 more steps. I work upstairs so I counted those with bags in both hands (slipping light weights in the workout, too!), I opened my office then went and made coffee. I then took the lettuce to the kitchen and unlocked all the fridges and freezers. Man, Ang does a good prep job and has a store of leftovers for re-heating, too. There were some frozen possibilities but I opted for the chicken/broccoli and brown rice casseroles that Ang recommended. So most of the work will be prepping the salad bar, serving out 50 plates of lunch, then cleaning up.

The casseroles were frozen rock-hard so, using two oven racks and putting them in at 9:30 they were started. I checked on students and realized I had not sat down once since my car. I walking a lot and moving. I was feeling really good. It is important in a First Nations’ kitchen for the kitchen and cooks to be happy so the goodness and happiness is transferred to the food and the people who eat it. I sure like that sentiment. I love working in my own kitchen.

So, salad got done with extras ranging from pumpkin seeds and homemade croutons to hot peppers. The casseroles filled the plates and people gave back many thanks. Thanks, Ang, for being prepared. Lots of the staff offered to help but I seemed to have had it all under control except the clean up, so I wasn’t done and sitting down until after 1:30pm. But I felt satisfied and my pedometer verified my hard word was paying off in extra steps. So, less sitting and more back and forth and up and down for the day-to-day incidental exercise.

Did you know you can lose 8 pounds a year without changing your diet if you stand on your feet all day, everyday. The people on the radio said so! Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

See if you can find Leonardo DiCaprio in this wonderful example of workplace incidental exercise.


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