My Pedometer – More Than a 12-Step Program

“I have to walk very early in the morning before my brain figures out what I am doing!”

#4 on the 52 Easy Ways to a Healthier 2013 list from my New Year’s Plan Blog is to buy a pedometer. Well I don’t need to buy a pedometer. I have 5 of them but, much like me, their batteries were dead! It took me a week to find the right type of battery. In the mean time, I put a new battery in one of my many watches. My local Mini Price store had the right size and a package of 5 was only $1.99. And it works. All this week I’ve been wearing it when I’m not sleeping.


Right now, it’s clipped to the pocket of my housecoat (bathrobe for my American friends). It looks like the one to the right except for the BC Government advertising on it. They were gifts for a walking program at our school a few years ago. We walked across Canada, around the moon and part of the way to the sun. It measures steps, distance, calories burned and tells the time. You can even adjust, then set, how big of a stride you have. I wanted to set it at 90cm (36 inches) but, who am I kidding?

According to most health and fitness gurus and pundits (How come names for really smart people came from languages other than English?) 10,000 steps a day is good for everyone who can walk. 20,000 is for “active people”. The good news, you can wear your pedometer almost everywhere you go. Of course you have to wear something you can clip it to. So, swimming and sex have to be converted using other charts. I’ll put one in down below. But you’ll notice it doesn’t include sex so you will have to do the equivalent conversions yourself. For example is it like high or low impact aerobics, is it like acrobatics or maybe like watching TV and that is equivalent to only 2 steps per minute.

Orthopaedic walkingSo, I have my walking poles, 3 pairs of runners and a working pedometer. I must leave one pair of runners at work so I won’t have any excuses NOT to go for a walk.

Thanks for listening and walk with pride even if it’s only to the bathroom. ;D Diane




Number of steps per minute for selected activities

Aerobics, high impact 203 Orienteering 260
Aerobics, low impact 145 Painting 131
Aerobics, step 246 Pilates 101
Badminton, casual 131 Ping-pong 116
Badminton, competitive 203 Racquetball, casual 203
Basketball, game 230 Racquetball, competitive 290
Basketball, recreational 174 Raking leaves 125
Bicycling, leisurely 116 Roller skating 203
Bicycling, stationary 203 Rowing, light 101
Bowling 87 Rowing, moderate 203
Boxing 348 Running, 10 mph (6 min/mile) 463
Canoeing, light 87 Running, 8 mph (7.5 min/mile) 391
Chopping wood, around home 174 Running, 6 mph (10 min/mile) 290
Circuit Training 232 Running, 5 mph (12 min/mile) 232
Cross-country skiing, intense 260 Scuba diving 203
Cross-country skiing, moderate 232 Show shoveling 174
Cross-country skiing, slow 203 Snowboarding, light 150
Dancing 131 Snowboarding, moderate 182
Downhill skiing 174 Soccer, recreational 203
Elliptical trainer 203 Soccer, competitive 290
Firewood, carrying 145 Softball 145
Firewood, sawing with handsaw 217 Squash 348
Firewood, stacking 145 Stair climbing, machine 260
Football 260 Stair climbing, moderate 334
Gardening, light 116 Stair climbing, slow 232
Gardening, heavy 174 Stair climbing, vigorous 434
Gardening, weeding 131 Stretching 72
Golfing, without a cart 131 Swimming, backstroke 203
Golfing, with a cart 101 Swimming, breaststroke 290
Grocery Shopping 67 Swimming, butterfly 319
Handball 348 Swimming, freestyle 203
Hiking, 10-20 lb. load 217 Swimming, leisure 174
Hiking, 21-42 lb. load 232 Swimming, treading water 116
Hiking, general 172 Tae Kwon Do 290
Horseback riding 116 Tai Chi 116
Horseback riding, trotting 188 Tennis, doubles 174
Housework, light 72 Tennis, singles 232
Housework, mopping floors 101 Trampoline 101
Housework, scrubbing floors 110 Volleyball, game 232
Housework, vacuuming 101 Volleyball, leisure 87
Housework, washing windows 87 Wash the car 87
Ice skating 203 Water aerobics 116
Judo 290 Water skiing 174
Jumping rope, fast 348 Wax the car 131
Jumping rope, moderate 290 Weight lifting, moderate 87
Karate 290 Weight lifting, vigorous 174
Kickboxing 290 Yard Work 145
Mowing 160 Yoga 72

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on January 13, 2013.

6 Responses to “My Pedometer – More Than a 12-Step Program”

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  2. Great post to help motivate people to “Get Up and Move”. I do recommend a good pedometer to help measure all the steps in a day. This is one time that cheap does matter to get accurate measurement. Most people wouldn’t realize that light gardening would average about 116 steps a minute, as you suggest. With a pedometer, there is no guessing.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks. I agree fully, but how could you measure swimming or sex?

    • You might want to try HIIT training which is high intitseny interval training and can be done with any cardio exercise (treadmill, bike, stairmaster, elliptical trainer). The goal is to vary intitseny and speed in order to confuse your body so that it does not adapt to the workout. As long as you keep your body guessing, you will burn more calories during the workout and even after the workout. On the treadmill, for example, u can walk for one minute, run for two minutes, walk for one minute, run for two minutes ..and u continue to do this for 30-45 minutes will burn more calories within a shorter time span and you will continue to burn calories even after ur done with ur workout (how cool is that?). U will in no time and as long as u keep working on ur abs ..u will see results quickly.

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